Unpleasant Confinement

Almost all the hoes I know went to New Orleans for Southern Decadence at the end of August.

Not I though. Fuck that. Catching Monkeypox isn’t worth it. Case counts are still high and vaccinations have not been around long enough for everyone to be fully vaccinated.

I’m continuing to self-isolate at home. It feels like house arrest or unpleasant confinement. It’s lonely and I’m sick of it, but I’d rather be sick of being alone then sick with monkeypox.

I really miss Club Houston. At least in my mind there is good sex going on there. Reality may be very different. It’s always good to remember that the grass is often greener because it gets peed on regularly. So before you wish for that grass, just be sure you know what waters it. Green grass is not worth being pissed on all the time. Unless of course you are into that sort of thing. I’m not.

In the meantime you can only stay so busy. It makes me realize how much time and energy goes into chasing dick. Grrr. That’s something else that needs to be made more efficient.

Hell I should rent out a bedroom or two to a hung top. They can pay rent and get some ass as a complimentary benefit of living here. That sounds fun, but in reality it would probably be really messy. Such fantasies don’t usually work out, even if they are good grist for writing.

Poz Campout was this weekend. On the one hand I do miss seeing some of my slutty friends. I do not miss watching 2/3rds of the attendees see how drunk or high they can get. Nor do I miss the one or two “leather” personalities that try to make everyone their bitch. It is not necessary to be drunk or high to enjoy sex. At least not for me. Poz Campout is not the name of the event….. but it’s mostly poz guys that go. Someone once said everything has a beginning and should have an end. Food for thought. The context has changed, the original folks are dead, and it’s probably time to rethink the event. Not my monkey or my issue though, I dropped out of that circle because it wasn’t going to connect me to anyone I wanted to date. For that matter it wasn’t connecting me with anyone I wanted to fuck.

I’m sorry I don’t have much in the way of adventures to share on here. You’ll just have to be content to know that collecting viruses is not my idea of a good time.

I think by October it will be okay to go to Club Houston again. I’d also like to manage to go to Atlanta. There is a sleazy hotel there that sounds like loads of fun. Cheshire Inn. Merow. Kitty is very hungry.

Oh speaking of kitty and Atlanta. Someone left a nasty review for my book, Gloryhole. Claimed it was all about giant black dick and getting fucked. That’s not true and clearly bitch didn’t read the book. But let’s pretend for a moment it was about black dick and getting fucked? What is wrong with that?