Kitty’s Captivity

I wish I was writing to tell you I had found a hung top to pin me down and pound my pussy. Alas, it’s not quite the kind of captivity I fantasize about. Rather, I have been busy with work. Winter is the slow season and that opens up the opportunity for learning and certification. Sitting through hours of boring ass classes with people who have trouble screwing in a light bulb opens up more work opportunities.

My travels took me to Fort Worthless and Amabala, the backwards state. I’ve been staying at Roach Motel Lite, aka Woodspring Suites. Unlike Extended Stay Amerika the roaches aren’t unlimited. You receive only a couple per day. The parking lot drama is not all you can watch, it’s just trailer trash lite. Not Ghetto Supreme. Other amenities include Jailhouse Security with more cameras than a porn shoot and the cheapest card readers available. Cards are conveniently reset once per week so you can enjoy the pleasure of visiting the front desk to hear how you must have demagnetized both of your cards….. Bullshit!

At any rate, other than the Motel .8 in Biloxi, I haven’t had any dick in a while. Kitty is getting hungry….. but captivity should end soon. A couple of more days I can return to Bottomsville, aka Houston.

I’ve been wondering if this new career is such a good idea. At the very least I could and should write a book about it. The labor practices border on shady and it’s arguable that widespread lack of expertise is not incidental, but in fact bad faith. But that’s another discussion not entirely related to getting fucked and bred.

If you’d like to engage in something amusing, put on the weather channel and mute it. Watch the actor wave at where he thinks the graphics are located. 🙂 This morning on Accuweather it’s Grandpa Munster and good times bad weather. Must be discount time. Most of the time they have these young bucks you’d like to fuck going on and on like they are from each area that they are talking about. Do you really think anyone is stupid enough to believe that you are from every area of the country? Or do people just listen for 2 minutes and tune out?

Well dear readers, the winds of change are blowing. Like a huge fart from a fat bitch blocking your exit, you don’t know quite what those winds will bring. To quote Einstein, “doing the same thing expecting a different result is insanity.” I like that one because it rationalizes radical change that is sometimes necessary to change the flavor of insanity I’m drinking.