What can I say?

I took a while off from posting.  At first it was a month, and then a year… and now I’m here.

So much has happened in the last year….. career changes, job changes, etc.

We lost Craigslist personals in May…. to be replaced by the whore-vertorials known as Doublelist….. getting laid has gotten harder.

Grindr is still the fastest way to find a whore or a drug dealer…. and occassionally some dick.

Lately I’ve been prowling the bookstores in Houston.  Trashy as ever, occassionally good for some dick.  Had an amazing time over Labor day weekend at Katz’s in NE Houston off 59.  This hot stud who we will call J pounded me silly.  I’ve been back a few times, but nothing like that night.

Rumor has it the Club Houston remodeled.  I haven’t been there in ages.  It’s sort of expensive not to get dick when I go.  So I quit going.

Best bang for the buck is when I’m traveling.  I was in Mobile, Amabala (the backwards state) earlier and it was horse-dick-o-rama.

So back to the cesspools called bookstores.
Cleanest bookstore in Houston goes to Lingerie Gifts, 7113 Clarewood Dr, Houston, TX 77036.  Now if they would only Air condition the backroom, lay off the sign printing fetish, and turn down the lights.  It’s a very standoffish crowd of Latino and Black guys who don’t like white guys.  What a shame.  This cock-whore would take all that black dick if he had a chance.  Admission is $5

Darkest and dirtiest bookstore goes to 420 News, approx 9901 Eastex Freeway, Houston, TX 77093.  They don’t appear on Google Maps.  It’s pitch fucking black, nothing works and when it’s hot it’s hot.  They do Air Condition.  Admission is $7.  A little tight on parking, but friendly crowd that’s there to fuck.

Runner Up shithole store goes to Excellence Video on I-45 S near Airline.  Saw a for sale / lease sign on the property recently.

Joke of a bookstore award goes to Fantasy Video off Clinton Drive.  I’ve never seen more than 2 cars there.  I’ll go in when it looks like there is someone besides the clerk there.

Best dick in Houston – Katz Video, 59 North near Beltway 8.  Admission $7.  Dirty, okay lighting, huge video selection and hopping crowd most of the time.  Parking lot is worked hard by hookers and has lots of creepers who sit and wait for someone hot to go in.  There is normally an abundance of trash on the floor in the booths.  The worst part of the crowd is the Hungry Hungry Hippo set of really big really aggressive queens who literally chase every hot guy around.  There are also some accomplished booth campers who go in and “setup shop” in one of the 4 gloryhole booths and wait on some dick to walk in.    They also lock the back door fire escape, so bitchez need to take no smoking seriously.  On the bright side we can probably motivate the HHH (Hungry Hungry Hippo) set to break down the door with a promise of a Snickers® bar on the other side.  Oh, something else worth mentioning.  The bathroom actually has a flush toilet, trash can, paper towels, shit paper, and a sink with what appears to be a soap dispenser.  I figure if all I’m doing is pissing my hands won’t be any nastier than the last cock I had in my mouth so whatever… I try not to touch anything.  When it’s particularly nasty I piss all over the pile of trash to get revenge on the person who isn’t cleaning the bathroom.  lol.

Honorable mention – nasty AF : BJ’s Adult Video on I-45 near Wayside.  Nothing works, small booths, sticky floor, couches with cum stains and an aggressive set of CD Hooker Girls.  I personally don’t see the appeal of CD girls, but whatever.  If you ask me they are like fake cheese.  Nobody is mistaking it for cheese.  It doesn’t taste right, look right, or feel right.  $7 admission and high probability of being raided according to local gossip.