Club Houston reboot

With the news that Midtowne Spa Houston is closing, I decided to go back to Club Houston.  I never really had anything against it, I just enjoyed the crowd at Midtowne.  I originally was in an open relationship and the deal was he went to Club Houston and so I had to go to Midtowne.  We didn’t want to go out together.

Club Houston is a nicer club overall.  Cleaner, better maintained.  Nicer Sauna and steamroom.  Nicer pool.  The showers are simple galvanized pipe, but they have great flow in the wet area.  The showers in the gym bathroom suck.  One never got hot and the other has standard flow.  The gym shower looked dingy.

The staff at Midtowne is definitely friendlier.  There were 3 twinks on duty when I went.  One of them was pleasant and the other two just flat out had attitude.  That takes the shine off of the place honestly.

The crowd was plenty friendly.  My friends had told me it was harder to get laid there.  LOL, not for me.  I had several guys compliment me and found no shortage of cock to ride.  I had 4 guys while I was there and could have had more if I wanted.

Overall it was pleasant.  Good music, lots of white guys.  A fair number of Asian and Latino guys.  No complaints.

White cock pounding

I went to Midtown this evening to get some dick.  It was busy.  Lots of black 4 black which is always frustrating, but everyone has preferences.

Saw this hot guy behind me waiting to get in and walked around a corner after I got there to see him pounding some mushy bitch.  About 20 minutes later he grabbed my ass and I asked if he wanted to fuck it.  He said yes.

We went back to my room and he proceed to plow my ass.  Very hot man.  Mid 30’s, 5’11, 220# clipped furry chest, 7.5″ cock…. and he liked to pound it in and be rough.  A little biting, slapping, and lots of bang bang bang.  So nice to get a good hot fuck.

Double Latin Twist Friday Fuckfest

Friday they were biting on Grindr.  Managed to score two hot latin tops within minutes of each other.  I’ll wind up writing a story inspired by them.  One was 20 and the other 22.  both average cocks, but anxious to breed ass.  One left and the other showed up 5 minutes later.  Love a busy lunch fuck fest like that.

Floating Fuck

Saturday evening was productive.  Had a youngish black stud who came over.  We wound up hanging out in the pool before he drilled two loads into my ass.  Yum.  22, 6’2, 155# 8.5″ a bit above avg thickness.

Tall Scruffy and Horsehung Whiteboy

Saturday I went to Midtowne Spa….. content to continue my weekend of being a slut.  The previous night had been CumUnion, so I was still a bit sore, but horny as always.

I spent some time in the pool and in my room.  I just wasn’t feeling the crowd even though they were frisky.  I followed a tall white boy into the steamroom.  He motioned me over and started sucking my cock.  Yawn.  I mean, it’s nice, he’s interested… but don’t suck a bottom’s cock!  I was about to blow him off and walk away when I looked down and noticed he had a 10 inch cock.  Hmm, now I was excited…. oh and he was furry too.

I asked if he was a top and he said yes, at which point I directed him to my room.

He was a very good, patient top.  We spent 3 hours working two loads out of his cock and into my ass.


Midtowne Spa Houston will be closing in August

Sad news to share.  I found out recently that they sold the property.  My source says early August is when they will close the doors.

I had found out earlier this year that the property was up for sale.  The numbers were depressing when I ran them to see if the business could be purchased and kept.  I figure a pig would do a great job of running a pigpen.  lol.  No such luck.  I estimated it to have a value of $3.5MM including the business and moderate fix-up to make it nice again.  I didn’t see a nice way to raise $30K in revenue from $10 lockers and $20 rooms.  You can’t get blood from a rock.

Rumor has it that the buyer acquired the other half of the block behind their parking.  Supposedly they are going to build more high end apartments like Pearl on Elgin a couple of blocks away.

Smart money would buy out the Valero and China Cat diner behind Midtown and then you would have two blocks to build on….

So this means everyone will be going to Club Houston.  I guess that’s good, but it may not work out so well.  The crowd there isn’t as much fun and only one bathhouse left may tempt the City of Houston to begin a harassment campaign.  Sigh.  They are currently tax assessed at $2.7MM.

Cumunion was interesting

Sorry I have not been blogging much lately.  Been busy with stuff.  CumUnion was interesting.  The venue was okay.  Nice, clean, but the staff was a little spoiler running around a nude fuck party in their little leather outfits in levis.

A couple of guys ignored the rules about drugs and couldn’t handle whatever they were doing…so the staff shut the party down at 2am.  Lame.  A fresh set of guys were just trickling in.  It’s a wonder that they had 70 guys at the party.

I did manage to get a few loads and enjoyed the cocks I got.

Afterwards I went to the cleanest bookstore on Earth that was nearby.  Got one good load there.  Should have gone to the bathhouse instead.

Little Kitty was with me (a friend) and so we opted to chase dick closer to the HOtel.

The travel hose worked fine… but the hotel was a bit on the shady/seedy side.  No big deal, it was a place to douche and shower.  Stupid maid beat on the door at 10am to find out if we were checking out as scheduled.  Checkout is at noon biatch, go away!

Jury is out on if I will go back or go to another city or just go prowling on my own.