Moonlight gangbang

I’d been at camp fuck-a-bottom for a couple of days now.  The first nights had been productive, but I’d struck out last night.  I was after one particular cock tonight, but I think he was oblivious to me.  Never one to waste an opportunity I was mentioning to my friend how I was being ignored.  He replied that he thought I was a top.  I laughed and corrected him. He reminded me that he was tall and thin and hung.  I took that as an invitation to put my hand down his pants and grab his cock.  He was semi-hard.  I asked if that meant he wanted to fuck.  He said yes and I told him to come on and proceeded to walk across the compound in the dark to the wooden bench at the far end.  He obediently followed me.  I’d always been curious what he was packing, so this was an opportune time to find out.  When we arrived at the bench I took off the pair of shorts I was wearing and setup shop.  This meant opening my poppers and lubing my hole and cock.  He unzipped his pants and proceeded to pull his cock out.  He told me to suck it and I got to work.  It wasn’t what i would call hung but it would do nicely.  Kitty was hungry and this was sustenance for the receiving.  I got him hard, lubed him up and bent over to let him fuck me.  He obliged and slipped his cock into my hole and pressed his balls against my ass.  As he pumped he commented on what a nice ass I had and how other guys must be missing out.  I agreed it was their loss as I looked for something to grab onto.  The bench was wooden and lacked any sort of hand holds or other ergonomic improvements to speak of.  I made do and he enjoyed my hole for a good 10 minutes.  Finally he admitted that he couldn’t cum from fucking me.  We called it a truce and went to find his friend.  He told me that his other friend had a thick cock and would happily pound my hole.

We didn’t have to travel far to find him.  He gladly came back and started to pound my ass.  He too commented on how I had a great ass and how he had thought I was a top.  I thought about telling him to shut up and fuck, but thought better of it and just enjoyed getting plowed.  I had dropped my shorts in my motorcoach on the way back.  I was completely naked and only had a bottle of Uranus lube and some fresh poppers with me.   A good bottom never goes camping without a fresh bottle of poppers for each day.

I could make out others in the area as the moon was about half full.  It was an unreal scene and hot as hell.  It was sometime after midnight in the middle of the woods, cool, slightly overcast, with only the moon for illumination.  I was grabbing a bench and getting my ass pounded by this blond football player build 32yo guy.  I should have been cold, but I wasn’t.  The others nearby were working over some piece of ass.  I couldn’t tell who it was and didn’t really care.  It was a cross between an orgy and a pack of gay wolves.  They finished him off and he just sort of vanished from my awareness.  I was getting plowed anyway, so my scope of awareness was pretty limited to knowing there were 5 or 6 guys engaged in sex nearby and one in my ass seeing if he could split me.  Fortunately for him kitty got game and 7.5 inches of thick blond cock is a nice treat but nowhere near the outer limit.

The others noticed what was going on and came over to join in.  I say others because I still don’t know exactly how many guys had my ass.  I lost count at around 7.  I recognized 4 of them…. and they were all 4 guys I had wanted all weekend.  I don’t even remember the exact sequence.  I know one of them flipped my blond football player and bred him while I was getting worked over.  Another of them bred me and moved around to make out with me while I was getting used.  Another guy had a PA and after he bred me he moved around and held me still for his partner to use.  I’ll just cal his partner IronCock cuz it was big, thick, and hard as iron.  It was a nice touch to the evening honestly and I’d been admiring that cock all weekend.

When everyone was finally done I walked away with cum dripping out of my ass.  I concluded that the cold had chased everyone away and that it was time to wipe off the dripping load and head to bed for a sound night’s sleep.

GBC and fuck-o-rama Thursday

I went out to Midtowne Spa in Houston last night.  It was dead for the most part so I enjoyed some chit chat in the pool.  I decided to go eat dinner with a friend so I got a in/out pass and did that.

When I cam back it still looked dead, but I thought, what the fuck… nothing to lose.

Within a few minutes I had met a skinny 25yo black guy with a 10 inch cock.  He wasted no time going back to my room to plow me.

After he left I wandered around and met a second skinny black guy with a giant black cock…… He slipped into my room and bred my hole.  He was probably average thickness, but a good 11 or 12 long.  One of the longest cocks I’ve seen.  It was good and I hope to see him again sometime.

After that I managed to convince a really good looking latin boy to visit me.  He was probably 5 and skinny, but wanted to use a rubber so I told him to scram.

A nice evening overall.

tongue fuck

Had a trick from BBRTS tonight.  Came over and parked in the driveway and played in the dark motorhome.  Not the most exciting trick…. was more interested in eating my ass.  He did blow two loads in my hole in quick succession.  I’ve only seen that mode of orgasm a couple of times before.

It works like this, they take a moderate to long time to get off, but once they cum, they cum again like 1 minute later.

White guy, middle age, dad-bod, avg cock, nice thickness, slightly aggressive fuck.

Probably won’t see him again…. just didn’t do much for me.

fucky lunch

BBC had me for lunch.  Ex-Zilla left about 30 seconds before BBC arrived.  It was a simple fuckfest with me bent over the bed.  I’ve gotten better at relaxing.  He slipped in and slammed my hole and planted a load.  These pictures are from last time, but you get the idea.  🙂

2016-05-05 12.58.53 2016-05-05 12.59.16 2016-05-05 12.59.46

fuck fuck fuck

I got flaked out on last night.  No big surprise, I saw the bullshit coming a few days ago.  Still pissed me off.

Best way to make up for being stood up?  get fucked!

Off to Midtown I went.  Had a bang up time.  Took all of 20 minutes to find the first hot man and we played for a while and flipped and bred each other.  Woof!

Ran into a good friend and spent the next 2 hours in the pool and hot tub chit chatting.  tsk tsk.

Went back up stairs and found this hot guy who was a dead ringer for the one that stood me up.  lol.  Oh except this guy was short on excuses and long on ass.  Proceeded to plow him silly, but could not get off.  Had him in nearly every position…. he is super hot 32, trimmed beard, trimmed chest, nice cock, great ass.  Has had 14 loads before I get him.

Agreed to intermission and I went and laid down with the door open in my room.  About 30 minutes later he walks by 3 times so I jump up and go find him in the maze.  We go back to my room and make out.  He’s up to 17 loads now.  He wants to breed me.  Sure…. so he proceeds to pound a load into my ass and blow a huge wad of cum in me.  Amazing self-control that he could hold his wad while 17 guys raped his ass.  As we are making out he notices I’m hard again…. I offer him my load and proceed to fuck him.  He lets me know he comes to Houston once a month and we could play regularly.  Bam, that does it and I’m able to nut in his ass.  For some reason I just don’t top random bottoms.  shrug.

He gives me his number and we both split to get dressed and get out… it’s 4am and the bath house is quickly becoming the scene of a zombie fuckdown.

18 May 2016 – Fuck log

It’s been a while since I posted….. been busy getting bred.

Visited College Station last week…

took 1 cock 3 times, another cock once, and two more cocks once each.  It was a great night.

Went camping…. at camp fuck-a-bottom.

Had one big black dick on night one,

flipped and shredded a cute white boy one night two.

struck out on night three.

and got tag teamed in the moonlight by 7 guys on the last night.

Been quiet since I got back until this morning.  Had a 19yo college guy breed me before work.  oink.

2 May 2016

fucked in steamroom at MTS by little montezuma 5″

sucked 8″ punk cock in steamroom at MTS

plowed but not bred by dirty blond construction guy 7″ super thick …. this pissed off punk cock who split.

met Erik the Great BBC and got thrashed plowed for a while til he called a truce.  No seed, but a damn good fuck.

Got played by pantyho, he worked my hole a little in the maze at MTS.

Impending doom

Kitty managed to get loose one day recently and head to Midtown Spa where a kat can always have fun.  While I was there I confirmed that the property is for sale.  I suppose the business is for sale too, but it’s way out of my reach.  It’s a 2.5MM property and then the business needs alot of work.  I’d love to run a business like that.

I am afraid someone will buy the property to put a damned Starbucks in and that will be the end of one of Houston’s lovely baths.

While I was there I managed to get nailed by a regular right away, suck some hot punk dick and get banged by another regular and then ran into Erik the Great BBC.  Read about that story in another post.  🙂