quiet but not innocent

Hey seeders,

Just been busy with dram-o-rama at work… have not had time to write lately.   I promise I’m not behaving or being good.  I’ll get back to writing soon.  In the meanwhile, fuck some ass and tell me about it.  Or better yet, fuck my ass and I’ll tell everyone about it.  🙂  Oink!

Deep Tissue Massage

The lobby always had that too clean appearance to it.  It was accented by the sickeningly friendly woman at the counter.  I could tell she was drinking the Kool-Aid. Hell she was probably fucking the manager.  No big deal, I wasn’t here for her or the bull shit new age nonsense for sale in the lobby.  While I generally hated the pretense at Massage Envy, I did enjoy getting a massage.  As I checked in I learned that my regular massage therapist wasn’t available.  He had called in sick so they had switched me to David.  She hoped I didn’t mind.  Well fuck! I thought.  I guess I was going to be fine with it.

I sank down in the chair and pulled out my iPhone to see what was lurking on Grindr.  I was more horny than sore, but I had signed up for the massage a few days ago.  Grindr was the same boring fucks that always wanted to trade pictures.  It was like some sort of beginner porn or something.  As I was scrolling through the prospects I heard my name being called, “John….”  I looked up at the source of the voice.

I thought to myself, this must be David.  I sure hope he can give a good massage.  He wasn’t that much to look at. Okay, he was flat fucking ugly.  I reminded myself that I was hear for the rub down not the fuck down.  I greeted the little troll at the door and smiled as politely as I could muster.

“Hi John, David was busy setting up the room from his last client and wanted me to bring you back.  I’m Sam.,  he said.  “Thank you Sam,” I replied.  Sam proceeded to escort me back to room 12.  This room was usually colder than a Baptist preacher’s wife.   Sam motioned for me to go into the room, but stayed out of the room.  Before closing the door he said, “David prefers that you be face down on the table if you want to make yourself comfortable.  Enjoy your massage.”

And with that Sam closed the door, leaving me in the dimly lit, freezing cold room listening to fake beach noises.  This was unusual.  Protocol was that the therapist greeted you and then wasted 10 minutes of your time while you got undressed.  Whatever, I thought.  It was late and they probably all wanted to get the fuck out of here.  I resigned myself to be surprised and quickly got undressed and under the sheet on the table.  To my pleasant surprise the table was warm.  At least someone had something right I thought.

I settled in under the sheet, face down as requested and waited for David.  After a few minutes there was a gentle tap followed by the door opening.  I glanced up as David introduced himself, “Hi John, I’m David.”  He continued, “I’ve read your chart and I’m ready to give you a good working over.”  Ha! I thought, you hardly know the working over I want boy!  David was 25, 5’9″ probably 180# a bit on the stocky/muscular side.  He was clean cut with short hair and was lightly tanned.  In a word this guy was hot.  I would enjoy the massage for sure, but I wanted more.  “Great,” I replied.

David placed his hand on my back and walked around me.  Therapists had this pattern of ‘grounding’ on the patient.  I could tell alot from touch and David’s hand wasn’t the cold, disinterested one.  I decided I would be chatty with him.  Sometimes I was dead quiet and just laid there enjoying my massage.  Othertimes I was chatty and would have a good conversation with the therapist.  My only rule was that they didn’t unload all their personal problems on me.

I started out with the standard fare, “How long have you been doing bodywork?”  “About 5 years,” he replied as he began to work my shoulders.  He was definitely good.  He ran his muscular hands down my back and I was acutely aware of his crotch very close to my head.  I could smell his sweaty crotch!  It smelled delicious.  David’s hands were working my sore back and finding knots while my mind was in the gutter.  He worked his way progressively down my back pausing for a second at my ass.  As he begin to massage my ass he remarked, “You have a nice ass, very firm and muscular.”  “Thanks, I hear that alot,” I replied as I smiled and laughed a bit.  He didn’t skip a beat and replied, “I bet.”  Hmmm I thought, if only you knew.  It was pretty unusual to have the therapist massage my ass, but it had happened before and was pretty inoccuous.  I had made sure to be squeaky clean before coming in.  That was my habit.

He worked his way down my legs to my feet as we traded small talk.  He had moved to Houston from Raleigh, North Carolina.  That explained the wholesome look and friendly demeanor.  He had me turn over and massaged my legs and chest and neck.  This was normally where things wound down with some pitiful plea for a tip and another massage.

Instead David told me to turn over again.  Sure, I thought.  I glanced at the clock as I turned over and realized we had run over by about 20 minutes.  I kept my mouth shut and hoped I wasn’t going to get billed extra.  He said, “You had some extra tension in your back that I want to take care of.”  “Thanks I said,” as I thought to myself that the real tension was in my ass.  He lowered the table down to where I was about 10 inches off the ground.  Massage Envy had some great powered tables, which was one of their redeeming qualities.  David straddled me and removed the draping so he could get to my back.  This was unusual for sure.  He began to work my lower back and slid down to my ass.  He settled down on to my legs which was my first clue that this was about to get interesting.  As he lowered himself he said, “You don’t mind if I touch you do you?”  “Not at all, touch whatever you want,” I replied.  “I will,” he said.  He started to work his way up my back, leaning forward as he did.  I could feel a bulge in his pants and knew that he was turned on.  That was hot I thought to myself, but it probably wouldn’t go anywhere.

As if I to ensure I hadn’t imagined his cock pushing against my ass he paused to adjust himself.  After which he remarked, “I’ve got a little tension myself that needs releasing.”  I thought for a second before replying, “I’d be happy to help.”  As if on queue he stood up and unbuckled his pants.  I didn’t dare turn around, but I could tell he was taking his pants off.  He said in a low voice, “I had hoped you might.”  Before I could reply he was back on top of me, skin against skin this time.  He said, “I have some lube here which will feel better than massage lotion, but I’m a bit aggressive when I fuck.” As he said this he was lubing himself and my hole.  I replied, “bring it!”  He was probably 8.5 and a bit thicker than average from what I could feel.  I hadn’t turned around to look lest I spoil the moment.

He wasted no time and deftly moved back to position the head of his cock against my ass.  He leaned over me and whispered, “Let me in or I’ll break down your hole.”  Hot I thought as he eased into my hole.  I desperately wanted some poppers.  He must have been reading my mind because I heard the unmistakeable sound of a cap being removed and him inhaling.  He handed the bottle to me and I happily took it.

He wasn’t messing around and started pumping my hole.  He was very good at being a top and I had been craving his cock the whole time he had been massaging me.  As he was fucking me I wondered about the time and if we were going to get interrupted.  This was somewhat risky for both of us and the last thing I needed was drama.  David plowed my hole good and deep for a few minutes before unloading in me.  He hadn’t lasted long and he knew it.  He bit gently on my ear and said, “That’s a sample.  I’ll give you my number for later.”  “Deal sir,” I replied.  He pulled out and cleaned up and got dressed.  He leaned over and whispered to me, “You’ll leave me a $5 tip.”  I thought that was odd, but before I could respond he said.  “You normally tip $15 according to the computer.  So $5 will make them think you didn’t like my massage.  I’m headed to the front to tell them you complained which is why we ran over.”  We both smiled as he walked out the door.  His seed was deep in my hole and oozing a bit as I got up and got dressed.  I pulled myself together and headed to the front.

When I got to the front the manager was the only one there and he was clearly ready to get the fuck out.   He asked how my massage was.  “It was okay, but I don’t think we should schedule him again.”  He looked up and replied, “Most people request repeats with David.”  I replied, “I didn’t care for his technique, but I can see why others might.”  He smiled, “Okay, I’ll take him off your list.”

As I signed the card receipt and put in the tip I noticed that the manager’s phone was sitting there, unlocked.  He had Grindr up.  Hmm, I thought to myself.  It made for an interesting moment because I think he realized I saw his phone.  He grabbed it at the first moment and locked the screen.  He smiled and said, “Have a nice night John.”  I smiled back and said, “I did, thanks.”  He had a twinkle in his eye so I knew there was more going on when he replied, “I’ll see you next time.”

Cream Filling Sandwich

It had been a late night last night, but I woke up at 8:45 and reached for my phone.  I needed to see if work was on fire or not.  I really wanted another 4 hours of sleep.  I went to bed at 3:30am.  Sigh.  No issues at work, but Grindr and Text were on fire.  The text was the most interesting.  I had one from Ass Pounder.  Hmm, I had been wanting this one since last week.  It was just a hello, so I said hi back and went to Grindr to clear the 7 messages there.

Ass Pounder wanted to know if I was horny.  I replied and said kitty was in heat.  He asked if I could get up there.  I said sure, but that I needed to shower real quick.  I jumped up and went to piss and shower.  I really needed to know if my ass was clean.  Luck was on my side… it was clean.  I checked my schedule and texted back that I was good to go.  He said good and sent me a picture of a cock and asked if I wanted some of that too.  I said sure and asked when.  He said his friend wanted to join in and in about 40 minutes.  Perfect I thought as I got ready and got dressed.  He sent me the address and warned me to watch for no parking signs as his neighborhood was vicious about towing.  I found a spot that had other cars parked there and was free from no parking signs.  It took me a bit to find his place, but I did as I was told and let myself in.  I walked to the 3rd floor.  it was a really nice place.

He welcomed me and told me to strip down, so I did.  He was laying back on the bed stroking his fabulous cock.  I climbed on to the bed and started to suck him when I heard someone come in behind me.  It was a short, well dressed white guy who was a bit older.  He was hot I thought.  I kept sucking and he wasted no time stripping down.  What a way to start the morning I thought as I looked at the white guys 8″ cock and slurped on the black guys 9.5″ thick cock.

White boy walked over and stood by me while the black guy pushed me onto that white dick.  I sucked him a bit and marveled at what a nice cock it was.  I could see them making motions out of the corner of my eye but couldn’t tell what they were agreeing to.

No matter, I would find out soon enough.  The white guy pulled out and lubed himself up.  He maneuvered to my ass and slid in all the way.  Ass Pounder moved around and started using my mouth while white guy was pumping my ass.  Ass Pounder said to him, “This is the one I was telling you about.  He likes it hard and he can take a pounding.”  I stopped long enough to let out a “Meow” and we all three  chuckled.  I resumed servicing Ass Pounder’s cock while White guy pumped my hole.

After a little while he blew his wad and rolled off my ass and over next to me.  He was really sexy.  Ass Pounder got up behind me and slipped in to my freshly creamed hole.  I shifted a bit and put my head on White guy’s chest.  He put his arms around me and held me a bit.  I was getting my hole worked by the black guy and almost cuddling with the white guy.

Ass Pounder stopped, he was having trouble staying hard.  I think he was jealous.  Just then my phone started ringing.  I walked over to see what it was and picked it up to ansewr.  It was my best friend.  I looked at the two studs as I answered with, “Hey, I’m in the middle of something hot, can I call you back in a bit?”  My bestie said sure and I hung up.  They both looked at me and I explained it was my bestie and we all laughed.

I walked back over and was ready to resume.  Ass Pounder put me on my back and legs in the air.  White guy straddled me and put his cock in my mouth.  I was getting dicked double at the same time.  OMG this was hot.  After a bit we stopped again.

We all moved to the edge of the bed.  Ass pounder had me bent over and White guy was there for moral support.  I pulled him in so I was between his legs, he was laying back in front of me and Ass pounder had my hole.  I hinted that my fantasy had been to be held down and fucked.  White guy was happy to oblige, holding me tightly while Ass pounder worked my hole and moved both of us with the force of his thrusts.  I was really enjoying the white guy.

Ass Pounder was having trouble staying hard and White guy had to go.  We all made small talk for a few and then white guy bolted.  Ass Pounder only had 20 minutes til he had to work.  I suggested we try and get him off.  I kissed him and tried to build up his ego a bit.  I sensed he was jealous of the white guy’s chemistry with me.  I couldn’t deny it, I was genuinely attracted to the white guy.  Nice cock, pretty smile, clipped chest…. filthy mind…. hmmm.

My attention paid off and Ass Pounder got nice and hard.  He bent me over and started tearing my ass up again.  It was hurting, but felt good.  He was pumping me hard and making me moan loudly.  Finally he managed to nut in my ass.  That wasn’t enough though as he worked it in.  When he finished we chatted a bit and he gave me a tour before showing me out.

Night pump

I had just come in from hanging out at the local adult theater.  It was dead.  There was this really super aggressive middle aged Latin cock sucker who kept pawing everyone.  This is the kind of aggression that gets your ass kicked.  No means NO!  I had managed to score one load from a guy I hadn’t seen in ages.

He started off with, “Hey, I’ve been to your house before.”  I looked at him, not recognizing him and said, “Oh, I suppose you want to fuck my ass?”  He said, “Yes!” With that we both started looking for a booth that would lock and wasn’t disgusting.  After a couple of tries we wound up in the one I played in before.  This time the TV wasn’t working and it was pitch black.  Just as well I thought to myself.

We both proceeded to strip down enough to fulfill our roles.  I fumbled and knocked the lube over a couple of times before managing to get him and I both lubed up.  I hit my poppers and bent over.  It’s funny how you can recognize a cock by feel, but I knew who he was.  Not too big, not too small, a funny curve and a big head.  Yup, I knew that dick.

He banged me for a few minutes and creamed my hole.  Then asked me if I had any tissue paper or toilet paper.  I was glad it was dark, he couldn’t see the “why is that my problem” look on my face as I apologized and said no.  We both got dressed and I let his load ooze out of my hole.  He left and I resumed walking around hitting on the black guys.  I wasn’t having any luck and they were hitting on each other.  I saw the hottest of them come out of the booth with the super aggressive Latin guy. Well, I thought, that explains why he was grabbing the guys dick… it must work enough.

It was almost midnight, I decided to leave.  On my way out I stopped to read a notice posted on the wall about the police raiding the place.  “Keep it zipped up so you don’t get arrested.” It read.  I shook my head and walked out.  A couple of Asian boys were sitting outside and they smiled at me as I jumped in my convertible and put the top down.  It was a nice cool night and that was at least good for a drive home.

When I got home I was starving so I ate a cupcake and sat down at the computer.  I logged on to BBRTS and A4A to see if I could find some dick.  A guy I had been going back and forth with was online.  I messaged him, “Want to breed ass?”  We went back and forth and I agreed to come over right then and there.  It was 1am now, but I was desparately horny and not ready for sleep.  I had to be up at 8am but I didn’t give a fuck.  I managed to get to his place by 1:30 and parked.  I walked up to the door and tapped lightly on it.  He answered from behind the door, naked and invited me in.  He was very slender, skinny, but had a huge 9 inch cock hanging out.  He bounded up the stairs with his hard cock bouncing left and right.  He told me to follow him.

I made my way up the stairs quickly and stopped at the top.  He lived in a small 1 bedroom loft apartment.  It was a nice layout, but very modestly furnished.  A cross between broke student and I don’t give a fuck single.  I stripped at the top of the stairs and made a pile of my belongings.  He was laying back on the bed touching his cock and I was getting hard.

I wasted no time lubing myself and opening my poppers.  I brought a fresh bottle with me.  He told me to suck him and I did.  He made me suck his cock for 5 to 10 minutes, slurping up and down his shaft.  He would periodically start pumping me while asking how I liked it.  I kept my mouth shut, it was rude to talk with your mouth full, especially when it was full of cock.

Finally, he told me to lube him up and sit on it.  I did as I was told, but hit my poppers hard first.  He was thicker than I thought and it was long.  I was sore from getting bred by the big monster cock the day before.  He had done a number on my cock.

He was pushing my limits, but I enjoyed it.  I rocked on him and he pushed himself inside me.  We were both enjoying each other.  Then the trash talk started.  That made it hotter with various insults and threats mixed in for color.  He told me to hold myself still above him, the head of his cock just barely in me.  Then he started to bounce against the bed, thrusting himself in me with each rise.  This went on for a while and he scolded me when I tried to sit on him.  After about 20 minutes he grew tired of it and told me to lay down.  He got behind me and slid in and started banging it.  A slow steady fuck deeply stretching my hole.  He showed no signs of cumming and so I told him I was getting sore.  He said we could stop and he would just owe me a load later.  We both agreed and we laid next to one another.  I apologized for not being able to handle him and he said it was no problem.  He had enjoyed fucking the load out of my hole.  I smiled and we both laughed.  I had not told him about the other guy’s load, but he apparently felt it and didn’t care.  🙂

Riding Horsecock

The maze area was very crowded.  My eyes hadn’t adjusted but I could tell there were 6 to 8 people in the play area of the maze at Midtown Spa.  This was my favorite bathhouse in Houston.  A touch sleazy but not pretentious.  From what I could tell there were 3 bottoms on the mattress and at least 3 tops fucking ass or playing with it.  The one closest to me was a 6’2″ black guy and he was hot.  As my eyes adjusted I could see the black guy near me was probably 10 inches.  He began fucking the guy laying closest to me and was really pile driving that ass.

A man was exiting and made his way through the crowd and stopping past me.  He was nicely build, 5’10 and middle aged.  I couldn’t really see anything in his towel as he walked past.  He stopped a few steps past me and walked back.  I was standing with my towel in my hand and my naked, lubed ass exposed.  He stopped directly behind me and rubbed his bulge against me.  He was big…. very big.  He pushed against me and began to grind my ass with his package.  I leaned back and asked if he wanted to fuck here or in my room. “Your room” came the reply.  I replied, “406, see you there.”

I was rock hard, and horned up as hell.  I walked to my room and he was right behind me.  He walked in behind me and shut the door, dropping his towel and throwing it in the corner.  His cock flopped out.  It was huge!  I swear I had seen this dick before and had it.  It was the largest cock I’d ever had.  It was not the right first, cock for the day as he was easily 10 by 7.  Meaning he was 10 long and 7 around.  I told him to hang on while i opened fresh poppers.  I was going to need that to take him.

I opened my poppers and lubed him good several times and my hole good before bending over to submit to his will.  He wasted no time putting the head of his dick against my ass.  It was pitch black in my room except for the light coming in over the wall.  He pushed but my hole was not opening.  He didn’t let this stop him and simply pushed harder, forcing my hole to open wide for him.  He slid all the way in despite my moaning and protests between inhaling poppers as deeply as I could.  He slowly pulled out and then thrust back in while holding my ass still.  He picked up the rythm and was pounding my hole while periodically slapping my ass.  I had my head against the wall and was desperately inhaling poppers hoping for relief from the force that was violating my ass.  On the one hand it hurt in a very special way, and on the other hand it was a huge turn on being forcefully used by this man and his cock.  If ever I had seen a monster cock or donkey dick, this was it!  He just kept pounding my hole, standing behind me and working me over.  After about 30 minutes I told him I needed a break.  He pulled out and let his cock hang there.  I stood up, slightly dizzy from being fucked.  He reminded me that he had fucked me before and that it was good to see me again.  I thanked him and told him to use me again in a bit.

He walked out and I sat there trying to figure out the state of my insides.  After a few minutes I grabbed my towel and walked down to the maze area.  It was mostly empty again so I laid my towel on the play area and bent over.  An older guy with an 8 inch cock walked up behind me and slipped his cock in.  He pumped me for a few minutes before seeding my hole.  While he was fucking my donkey cock trick walked up.  When the older guy walked off donkey cock walked over and leaned over me.  He growled, “I thought you needed a break?” Before I could reply he added, ” I need some more ass and I’m taking it now.”  “Yes sir” I said.  He slid in me much to the amazement of a couple of people who were watching by now.  He proceeded to work up to pounding my ass.  After a few minutes he just stopped pulled out and walked away, leaving me wondering what was wrong.  He later came up and said he just wanted some variety.

A third guy had been watching and now walked up to play with my ass.  He was latin with a scruffy beard and furry chest, probably early 30’s.  His cock had a pronounced downward curve.  He lubed and up and slid in to what would be a marathon fuck.  My ass was sore, so a curve down and a marathon fuck weren’t exactly a great idea.  After about 10 minutes he showed no sign of getting off and I let him slide out.  I told him I had to piss and walked off before he could slip back in.  The reality was he had been pumping my bladder and it wasn’t terribly comfortable.

I walked off to the bathroom, but couldn’t piss.  I said hi to some friends and wandered back to see if I could get some more dick.  It was getting late and I needed to go soon.  Horse cock walked over to me and whispered in my ear that he needed to cum in some ass.  I suggested my room and he agreed.  He again wasted no time in my room, this time with the lights on.  He positioned me bent over and forced his thick shaft inside me.  He was fucking harder this time and I knew that he was on the path to seeding me.  After 5 minutes or so he succeeded in getting off as I heard him moan and shove his cock deep into my ass.  He unloaded and then held it there for 30 seconds or so before slowly slipping back out.  He thanked me and I thanked him for the cock.  I suggested videoing my hole next time he fucked it.  He laughed and walked out.

Morning Stray

Bzzzz.  Bzzzz.  My phone was making a slight buzzing noise.  I cracked my eyes open and rolled over to find the offending object.  I grabbed it and unlocked it.  It was a Grindr Message.  The sender was a 27yo handsome black guy.  Hmm, that’s a nice way to wake up I thought.  I said Hi back and layed there.  It was 8:45am according to the digital clock on my dresser.  Ugh, I needed to get going.

I checked my phone again, first meeting wasn’t until 10am so I was good to go for a few minutes.  My day was packed with conference calls, the new normal.  Fortunately I could work from home most of the time, so this left me time for breakfast.

“I want some ass, now!” read the message.  “cock pic?” I replied.  A very nice thick, black cock came back in the image that responded.  “Host or visit?” I replied.  “You host, location?” he replied.  I sent back my location and a couple of pictures of my ass.  “address?” he replied.  I thought for a second about my roommate who was asleep upstairs and then sent my address.  I asked my trick if he wanted to fuck out in my motorhome or in my house.  He replied that he didn’t care, I just needed to lubed and ass up.  I told him he would be fucking me in my motorhome.   I asked his ETA and he responded 16 minutes.

I hurried through the shower, checking to make sure everything was squeaky clean.  I had gone out the night before and gotten my hole destroyed, so there was no telling how things were this morning.  That went well and I grabbed lube, fresh poppers, and a towel.  I opened up the motorhome and opened the driveway gate directly in front of it.  Calling it a motorhome was a bit of an understatement.  It is a converted coach and is really big and really unique.  I’d been fucked in it once before when I was bringing it home from the auction I bought it at.  This was the first time I’d tricked in my motorhome.

I waited inside the motorhome, lubed, naked, with my poppers open, ready to get fucked.  This was a great way to start the morning I thought.  Across the street the neighbors 20 something son was washing his car.  He was hot in his own right and I stood there stroking myself wondering what sort of manhood was between his legs.  He was a nicely built black man of average height.

My fantasy was quickly disrupted when the blue Toyota Corolla pulled in.  It was a nice, basic car.  A slim man stepped out and adjusted himself.  He walked hesitantly up to the gate and then came around to the door.  I could see all of this through the big window in the front of the motorhome.  It was tinted with reflective film so I could see out, but nobody could see in.

He stepped in and said hi.  He almost immmediately unbuttoned his pants and let them drop to his knees.  Out flopped an absolutely beautiful cock.  Somewhere between 8.5 and 9 and a little thicker than average with increasing thickness near the thick head.  Probably one of the nicest cocks I’d had the pleasure of.  I dropped to my knees and started sucking him hard.  It took only a minute or two to get him fully erect.  He had a gentle upward curve.

I assumed the position bent over the couch while he applied lube to his cock.  He slipped in and it was surprisingly easy.  I thought to myself that he had the perfect fucking cock.  He wasted no time and begin banging my ass at a medium tempo.  After a few minutes of mutual moaning I asked if I could ride him.  He said sure and we switched positions.

I climbed on top of him and eased myself down onto his cock, steadying myself with my hands on his broad shoulders.  My rock hard cock was precumming on his smooth midsection as I bounced on his lap and worked my hole in and out over his cock.  We were both enjoying the hell out of each other.  I put his hands on my shoulders and neck to see what sort of play he was into.  He took the bait and started to fuck me more forcefully.  After a minute he pulled me into him and held me there.  I nuzzled him and we started making out a bit.  Then I held his shoulders as I leaned back with his cock fully in me.  Again I started to ride him and then stopped after a few seconds.

He was getting more aggressive.  He told me to lay face down on the couch and he would bang me from behind.  The furniture dimensions were nearly perfect for this.  As I got off of him I spotted some white fluid that had leaked out of my ass and onto his belly.  I teased and asked if he had cum once.  He said maybe a little, but that he wasn’t done with me at all.  That was hot, I rarely made guys cum by riding them.

He got behind me and slipped into me burying his meat all the way inside me until he slammed his hips against my ass.  He then started pile driving my hole.  It was hurting a little bit and there was no way I could grab my poppers.  I had put them on the window ledge which turned out to be convenient as I could just manage to inhale from them.  He kept on banging me and telling me how good that ass was.  He was making my hole sore and I started squeezing my ass around his cock as he pushed.

This must have sent him over the edge.  He leaned over me and started fucking alot harder.  This was amazing sex, but getting better.  He said to me, “You want my load whore?” “Yes Sir” I replied.  “good, you are going to get it.” he said and with that he slammed into me and I felt his meat pump a load of seed inside my hole.

He held his cock inside me and the throbbing subsided.  He slowly pulled out while telling me, “I want to make sure my load stays in there.  That’s my hole now.”  I was totally turned on by this stud.  We made small talk as he cleaned up and got dressed.  I asked him, “So are you single or stray?”  “Stray, open marriage.” he said.  “How often do you want to fuck this ass?” I asked.  “When I can get free,” He said as he turned and walked out.


“NOW?” read the email.  I was accustomed to getting some short emails from my craigslist postings, but this was going for broke.  I replied, “cock pic? like raw?”  This was my normal response to the first email anyway.  It was surprising how many guys didn’t read my ad or thought that the picture of their splendid cock would make me think twice.  I liked raw and raw only, and it needed to be big enough to get the job done and small enough to be a possibility.

Several emails later I found myself in my garage, the lights out, a couple of sleeping bags on the floor and windows covered with some flimsy black cloth from WalMart.  Two layers seemed to block out the street light and make it suitably dark.  I was waiting rather impatiently for my trick to arrive.  He was 5’10” 205#, black, 27, with what he claimed was 9 inches.  Time will tell I thought.  I normally didn’t hook up with black guys, but I was horny.  I didn’t know it, but this encounter was going to change my opinion.

I had the driveway gate open and was peering out through a crack in the fabric.  Every few minutes a car would go by and I would anxiously check to see if it was pulling into my driveway.  After several drivebys, one finally did pull in.  It was a ancient, beat the hell up dark green Ford Astrovan.  As he applied the brakes they screeched loud enough to wake the dead.  This piece of shit van looked like it had just rolled off the set of Junkyard Wars.  He parked and the door groaned and creaked when he got out.  I thought for a second it was going to fall off!  Then he slammed it.  Fuck!  Geez this guy was going to let the whole neighborhood know he was here.  Then just as quickly he jumped back in and started his van and backed out.  Ugh, the guy who had gotten out seemed to be the right build.  He backed almost to the street and then stopped and shut it down.  This time he got out and walked around the front.  He stopped when he came to my gate post.  There he proceeded to open his pants and piss on my gate.  Fucking animal!

He took a long leisurely piss and then shook it once before tucking it back in his pants.  He had raggedy hair and was wearing some jeans and a well worn t-shirt.  This guy could have passed for homeless.  He looked about the right age, but something about him was turning me on.  He had a vibe like he had been uncaged.

The next part was always iffy.  He started to walk to the front of the house.  This could be a disaster and was one of the reasons I watched.  I quickly jumped to the door and cracked it open.  I loudly whispered, “Hey! Hey! Over here…..”  He stopped in his tracks, looked around, and then realized where the voice was coming from.  He turned and strode over to the door.  He paused a second when he reached the door.  I could see this in the dim light coming through the crack under the door.  The door didn’t have a threshold and had about a 1.5″ gap.  It had never been an issue in the past.  Everyone always paused to get up their nerve the first time they came to play in my garage.

I was about 10 feet from the door, on my knees, nude, and with my hole lubed up.  He pulled the door open and stepped in, letting it close quietly behind him.  “Hello,” I said.  “Are you the hole I’m here for?” came the reply.  “Yes sir,” I shot back.

He took what seemed like two steps and unbuttoned his pants.  HIs cock was all of 9 inches and maybe a little more.  He had a strong masculine musty smell.  His cock was flopping in my face.  I wasted no time in gently taking it in my mouth and stroking it with one hand.  While I was sucking him hard his pants fell to the floor and he kicked his shoes and the pants off.  He took his shirt off and I could barely see that he was built and well defined.  It didn’t take long for me to suck him hard.  I instinctively reached for the lube and slathered my hole with it before coating his big cock.

I turned around and positioned myself on all fours.  Inhaling my poppers hard I was expecting to have my hole wrecked.  I wasn’t to be disappointed, but first a detour.  My stud dropped down behind me and instead of forcing himself in me he surprised me.  I felt his hot wet tongue in my ass and was surprised.  It felt really good.  I could smell him behind me but had not expected to be eaten out.  He didn’t seem to care that there was a bunch of lube down there.  It was getting me turned on, I was craving his dick.

After a few minutes he had me moaning and wanting more.  He asked for the lube and I passed it back.  I heard him lube up and then the bottle closed.  He put the head of his cock against my ass and reached up with both hands to pull me back onto him.  In one slow, steady motion he inserted himself inside me.  I gasped a bit, even though I was turned on and had hit my poppers he was still big and thick.  Once he bottomed out he stopped and held me on him.  My hole contracted a couple of times and I felt him pulse once.  He said in a deep quiet voice, “I’m going to enjoy your pussy and you are going to enjoy my cock.”  I couldn’t quite place his accent, but I definitely was enjoying his cock.

He started slowly pumping me, full deep thrusts followed by pulling nearly all the way out.  It was enough to make me cum actually.  Normally the show is over if I cum.  But he kept on fucking.  It was an opportunity for me to lay flat on my stomach.  He positioned himself over me at this point and begin to pick up tempo.  In no time flat he had escalated to pounding my ass.  I think at one point he was trying to split me in half.  Pile driving my hole with his cock.  He was sweating heavily and making me moan.  We were inches from the garage door which was uninsulated and only 15 or 20 feet from the fence with the neighbors.  I was a bit worried they could hear us fucking if they were in their yard.  On the other hand, I didn’t give a shit.  I had a thick black cock in my ass and the animal it belonged to was mating my hole.

This went on for 20 minutes at which point I was beginning to get sore.  I asked if he was close.  He said not yet and kept pounding my hole.  I asked again, to which he said not yet.  He was a rough fuck and my hole was worn out at this point.  I told him I was going to need a break.  He replied, “You’ll get one when I leave.”  He increased his tempo and his arms reached around me.  I wasn’t sure if he was pinning me down or hugging me tightly.  Either way he slammed his cock deep in me and injected his seed inside me.  As he was cumming he said, “I own this hole now, it’s mine.”  I said, “Yes sir.”

He rolled off of me after he came and lay there for a minute.  We lay side by side in the dark garage, letting the cool air circulate around us and cool us off.  He pulled me over and on top of him.  I lay there with my head on his chest.  He was rubbing my shoulders and making me moan again.  I felt his manhood pushing against me which was how I realized that my moaning turned him on. It didn’t take much of this before he was fully hard and I was fully wanting it.  I lifted myself up and looked him in the eyes and asked, “Do you want it again sir?”  He pulled me in and kissed me and said, “yes I do.”  I lifted myself up and maneuvered to put his cock against my ass.  He pushed up and inside me at the same time I eased down on him.

As he reached full depth I leaned back and squeezed down on him.  He was banging me from underneath and came after about five minutes.    I climbed off of him and lay next to him.  I realized he was one of these guys who takes a while to cum the first time and then cums quickly each additional time.  The rarest of the four cummers.  We laid there for about fifteen minutes.  We chatted a bit and he told me he was an office manager.  I really liked the sex and realized I probably wouldn’t see him again.

He climbed on top of me again and I felt his cock against my ass.  It wasn’t against it for long.  He slid in and started pounding me again.  Like the last time he only took about 5 to 7 minutes to climax.  This was his 3rd load in me tonight.  My hole was sore and wrecked, but dripping his seed.

When he was done he asked for a towel and wiped himself down and got dressed.  He said “Thanks.” I replied, “Sure thing.” and he walked out the door letting it slam behind him.  He climbed into his piece of trash Astrovan and backed out.  That was the last I ever saw of him.

Tool Room – Part 2

I was nearly panicked.  Keys being put in the door could only mean one thing.  Someone was coming in!  Smith’s cock was hanging out of his pants and my pants were down and I was on my knees with a load of my cum in front of me.

My worst fear was about to come true.  I was going to get caught sucking dick!  Ugh!  My heart sank as the door opened and Master Sergeant Stevens opened the door.  He got the door about 3/4 of the way open before his eyes realized that there were two soldiers in the tool room, in the dark.  He stopped.  Smith and I froze, deer caught in the headlights of the Master Sergeant.  He looked at Smith and looked at me and looked at Smith again.

Smith quickly zipped up his pants and put his cock away.  I couldn’t blame him.  Stevens didn’t say anything.  I knew this was “off” so I just stayed put another second or so.  If I was busted, well I was busted.  Before I could try to explain he said, “Well, what have we hear, a Private Cocksucker?”  My heart sank.  I was damned!  I kept my mouth shut to see where this would go.  Smith had a look of terror on his face in the dim yellow light that was coming through the toolroom door.  Stevens prodded again, “Well?”  I sighed and said, “Yes Master Sergeant.”  Might as well go out with some glory I thought.  I could see Smith react a little in shock.

Stevens looked at Smith and looked at me and then looked at Smith again and said, “Boy don’t you have somewhere to be?”  Smith shockingly looked at me and Stevens before replying, “Yes Master Sergeant.”  Stevens shot back, “Well then get there.”  Smith left the tool room faster than a cat escaping from a dryer.  Ten seconds later it was just me with my limp cock and Stevens.  I couldn’t see him terribly well because he was backlit.  No worries, any fear evaporated when he said, “Good, I have something for you to suck boy.”  He stepped in and over to me as the door shut behind him.  Stevens was in good shape, white, close cut dark hair, probably 45.  I wasn’t into older guys in the least, but he was kinda hot.  I guess that was a good thing because as the door shut I heard his belt buckle come undone.  I couldn’t believe this.

Before I could pinch myself his 8.5″ cock hit me in the face.  It was hot, thick, and big.  I didn’t need to be told what to do, I licked it and started to suck him.  He wasn’t content with this and said in a low growl, “Boy you are going to suck this cock.”  With that he put his two medium large hands on my head and pulled me down onto his cock.  I was nearly choking, gagging on his substantial manhood.  He clearly didn’t give a shit.  I never had pegged him as being queer.  His cock slid in and out of my mouth rapidly.  Choking me and fucking my throat all at once.  I was nearly gagging on the deeper parts of it as he fucked me.  I could smell his sweaty man-balls.  I realized I was getting turned on by this.  After a few minutes he stopped and told me he needed more.  He told me to stand up.  I did as I was told.  I was facing the Master Sergeant who ran the motor pool.  He grabbed my hand and put it on his cock.  I obediently started stroking him.  He took my hand off his cock and with the other hand he turned me around.  I wondered what the hell he was doing.  No worries, he made sure I knew in short order.  He pushed me forward and I took a couple  of steps before I cam to the parts cabinet.  He was directly behind me.

He cleared his throat and spit in his hand.  Without asking me he spread his spit in the crack of my ass.  Again he spit in his hand and spread it in my ass.  My mind was racing, I really wasn’t into Anal, but I also literally wasn’t in a position to argue with this man.  Before I could say anything I felt the head of his cock against my ass.  He told me to relax and let him in or he would pin me down and take it.  I pondered the choice before replying that I wasn’t used to getting fucked.  He replied, “I don’t give a shit, I need some private ass!”  With that he thrust a bit and forced the head of his cock into my hole.  It hurt, but felt good at the same time.  He pulled back a bit before thrusting in a bit deeper.  He was going to fuck me!  It burned my ass at first, and then I realized my cock had come to life.  I started to stroke it, gently at first, and then furiously.  Stroking my cock distracted me from the fact that my ass was being shredded by a big white dick.  Stevens clearly knew what he was doing.  He had one hand on my shoulder controlling my position, and the other hand was resting on the other shoulder.  I let out a moan and that hand quickly covered my mouth and he growled in my ear, “Keep quiet and take this dick!”  I whimpered, “Yes sir” back.

He picked up the pace and was plowing my hole.  This went on for what seemed like forever before he started pounding me so hard it was moving my whole body.  I was getting ready to shoot my load and didn’t know if I could hold back.  No matter, he slammed into me and stopped.  Before I could wonder what was going on he growled in my ear, “This ass is mine, I am claiming it with my seed.”  I felt his cock pump deep in my ass and I realized he was cumming in my ass.  I simultaneously shot a huge load all over the side of the tool cabinet.

He slipped out and stepped back.  I stayed where I was and didn’t move.  I couldn’t believe what had just happened.  I got caught sucking dick and was fucked alright, but not in the punishment sort of way I would have expected.  I heard him pull up his pants and fasten his belt.  He stepped over to the dimly outlined door and opened it.  He turned on the light and turned to me and said, “Son, this place is a mess, grab some paper towels and clean up.”  “Yes Sir,” I responded.  Before I could say anything else he replied, “When you’re done go hit the rack and get a good night’s sleep.”  “Yes Sir,” I replied again.  With that he stepped out and the door slammed behind him.  I quickly pulled my pants up and felt a moistness in my ass.  I put my finger back there to see what the hell it was.  When I pulled my finger back it was gooey and clear, I sniffed it.  Cum!  Wow, I had just gotten used and bred by an older man.  I quickly fastened my belt and wiped my finger on my pants.  I grabbed some paper towels and cleaned up the floor and cabinet.  I tossed them in the trash can and grabbed the bag out of it.  No need to leave evidence I figured.  I locked up and put the bag in the trash and hurried back to my room.  It was 11:30 now.

Stevens never said anything, and it didn’t happen again.  I saw Smith the next day and he asked if we were in trouble.  I told him “no.”  He looked at me funny and I replied, “I took care of it.”  I smiled.  He laughed and said “okay, thanks.”

The Tool Room – Part 1

It was dicey to hit on another soldier.  My gaydar told me that I could get into Smith’s pants.  Smith was another soldier I worked with in Ft. Wainwright, Alaska.  We were both assigned to HQ CO 5/11th Artillery, 6thID.  It was fucking cold out and there wasn’t a damn thing to do at night, aside from throwing dollars at the dancers at the Flying Flea Carpet, our bases strip joint.  I wasn’t really interested in the fleas or the carpet, so I steered clear of the horny drunk soldiers being fleeced of their money.

I was supposed to be in one of the artillery batteries, I was a 13B cannon crewmember, aka Gun Bunny.  Smith was a mechanic.  I had just propositioned him after several days of making small talk to figure out how horny he was.  I normally would ask a series of questions about the prospect’s sexual experience, preference, and try to determine a Hornyness Score.  The more horned up the guy was the more likely I’d get to suck him off.  It usually culminated in either an indirect or direct proposition, depending on how stupid I thought he was.  The stupid ones got the indirect bet based propositions.  Smith was pretty smart and we’d  already established that he didn’t give a damn what sucked his cock as long as he got off.  I had told him I could get his dick sucked by someone who was really really good.  I asked him if he was interested.

It seemed like he thought about it forever.  Finally, he looked around before saying, “Sure.”  We were both nervous, horny, and excited.  He was scheduled to ETS in a couple of weeks, so this was a pretty safe proposition for me.  I had nearly been court martialed for hitting on another guy a few months ago.  Like a moth to a flame this faggot just wanted to suck some dick.  That was about all I was into in 1992.

He asked, “Where? When?”  I said, “How about now, and I know a quiet, dark, secure place.”  I continued, “Are you game now?”  He looked around again and looked down at his now growing bulge before answering, “Yea, but not here.  Not in the barracks man.”  I agreed, “Oh hell no, not in the barracks, come on.”  He smiled and I grabbed my keys.

It was medically called Plantar Fascitis, but it was my pass to wearing tennis shoes and it was why I had the keys to the tool room.  My command had been somewhat puzzled about what to do with me.  The stupid PA assigned to our unit operated on the principle of see no ill, tolerate no ill.  This basically meant if he couldn’t see it broke he didn’t believe it could hurt.  Plantar Fascitis basically meant I had high arches and this entitled me to an alternate assignment and tennis shoes.  The tennis shoes piece infuriated my CO who transferred me to HQ Battery to get rid of me.  HQ Battery didn’t know what to do with me so they stuck me in the motorpool where they were short handed.

At first this went okay, but then I caught on that some funny shit was going on with parts ordering.  When I asked about it, they stuck me in the tool room and made me the PLL clerk, responsible for our parts stock.  I promptly organized it and made sure we have every nut and bolt our mechanics needed.  I painted the floor and cleaned up all the tools.  I was really good at running the tool room.  By design, the tool room was secure, lockable, and private at night.  Being in charge of it gave me keys to the motorpool and keys to the toolroom.

Smith and I walked over to the Motorpool.  It was 10pm on a Saturday night.  The place would be quieter than a graveyard.  I didn’t really have an excuse for being here, other than maybe needing a wrench or something.  My heart was pounding as I opened the outside door.  There weren’t any cars in the parking lot, but I never knew who or what I would find in here.  The Master Sergeant, Stevens,  that ran the motorpool was a cranky old bastard from Texas.  I think he knew I was a cock sucker and he was the last person I wanted to run into.  We slipped inside the doorway and closed the door behind us.  All good so far, only the yellow “always on” lights were on.  It was dimly lit, warm, and very quiet.  Just the soft hiss of air escaping from some leak somewhere in the building.  Our facilities folks didn’t give a shit about air leaks.  Periodically the big compressor would roar to life and replenish whatever leaked out 24/7.

I looked over at Smith and we both smiled and I motioned to follow me.  I told myself the lie of why we were here as we strode across the motorpool bay.  I was glad I didn’t see anyone as it would have fucked up my chances of getting laid tonight.  When we reached the door I pulled my keys out again and opened it.  We both walked in and I quietly shut the door behind us.

As the door shut, the tool room returned to pitch black.  It was just us, two privates, standing in the dark in the tool room.  If we got caught now we would totally be busted.  My mind raced trying to figure out the next step.  Apparently so did his, and he took the easy path.  I heard his belt buckle clink as he undid it.  I quickly undid mine and dropped to my knees.  I reached over and found his cock and started to gently stroke it.  No resistance.  I had one hand on his cock and one hand on mine.  I was rock hard and dripping.  Neither of us said a word.  He was hard, but not precumming.

I stroked him a few times and then gently put my lips around the head of his cock.  My mouth was wet, anticipating feeling his manhood inside me.  All I was thinking about right now was servicing him completely.  I pursed my lips and pressed against the head of his cock.  He was slightly below average, nothing to tell a story about honestly.  5 inches long, skinny, below average as cocks go.  I had no idea at the time and was super excited by the chance to bob his knob.  I had sucking cock down to a routine by now.  I would push in a little bit, pause, pull back to the tip, push in a little further, and repeat.  It was working like a charm on Smith.  I finally worked my way to the base of his cock and just paused there.  His shaft was all the way in my mouth, rubbing the back of my throat.  I was trying to keep it off my teeth.  His pubic hair was in my face, surrounding my nose.  As I inhaled I took in the musk of his manhood.  Hmm, delicious I thought.

Before I could pull back a little and continue sucking him he pulled back a little and then thrust in.  He was fucking my face.  Oh, I loved this.  He was gentle at first and then picked up pace after a few pumps.  I was stroking at the same time he was pumping.  He moaned softly and then said, “I’m about to cum!”  I doubled down on his dick and before he could pull out his cock pulsed and shot a creamy load of seed into my mouth.  It tasted pretty good.  Slightly sweet and that distinctive cum taste.  At the same time I shot my load on the floor, between his boots.

He pulled his cock out of my mouth and remarked, “Damn that was good.”  Before either of us could move I heard the distinctive sound of keys being put in the lock.

Bed Breaker

All I could hear was the droning of the cheap mini-split Air Conditioner in my bedroom.  It was pitch black and I was laying face down on the bed.  I had lubed my ass and hit my poppers good and hard.

My hole was twitching a little.  I knew this guy was big and good.  He was very muscular and didn’t talk much.  He was the poster child for big black dick on a hot man.  I had played with him once before but wasn’t able to take him all the way.  He was probably a bit over 10 inches and 4.5 wide.  Huge by my white boy standards.

Fortunately I had gotten better about hosing my ass out.  I had found a Klean Stream attachment on Amazon and was able to thoroughly clean my ass out.  I also had a secret weapon this time.  I had a couple of hydrocodone 5/325’s left over from a dental procedure.

He had hit me up via email earlier in the evening and offered to come over about 10.  I said sure and began the process of getting ready.  At about 9:30 I took both of my leftover pills, hoping they would numb my ass up good before he fucked me.

I heard a noise outside and realized he was bringing his bike up onto my deck.  The deal we had was that I would be naked, lubed, and face down ass up.  He would let himself in and use my hole.  As the door opened I hit my poppers deep and hard.

Without saying a word he climbed on top of me and lubed his dick.  He put his cock against my ass and tried to put it in.  Nothing.  My ass wasn’t opening up.  He told me to open up.  My ass wasn’t cooperating.

I suggested letting me sit on it.  That had worked last time and was easier with a big dick.  He said “ok.” We swtiched positions in the dark.  I lubed his cock and snorted my poppers before positioning myself over his towering cock.  I slowly worked my ass onto the head of his cock.  It felt like a totem pole going into me.  I was sure this was going to rip me.  It hurt like hell at first, but then slowly my hole relaxed.  I eased down onto his cock wondering how it would feel when it was all the way inside me.  It filled me up completely.  Oddly it was turning me on to have this giant black manhood inside my ass.  I was fully erect as I sat on him.  Normally getting fucked made me go limp.  But something about this muscular stud with his 10inch dick being inside me was turning me on.

As I managed to get all the way down on his shaft he reached up and grabbed me with his huge hands.  He was probably 6’4″ and 250# to my 5’10” and 185#.  He pulled me down to him and kissed me.  Oh wow this was hot.  And then he started to slowly pump me from underneath.  Easing in and out of my tight hole and making out with me while he did it.  After a few minutes he told me to lay down face down ass up again.

He maneuvered behind me again.  I glanced over at the clock which read 1:00am.  This time he placed his arms around me and put his cock against my ass.  He didn’t hesitate, but instead pushed his cock inside me.  God damn this hurt!  I squirmed and struggled a bit.  I told him this wasn’t going to work.  My pleas fell on deaf ears.  He held his shaft deep in my hole and held me firm against him.  After a few rounds he quietly whispered in my ear to relax and let it happen.  He told me that he was in my hole and that it was going to be his.  I had a choice in the matter.  It was my choice if I got fucked or raped.  I could keep struggling and he would rape my ass or I could stop struggling and get fucked.  I paused, completely stunned for a moment.  He was right, I didn’t have a choice in what he did.  He was totally in control.  I decided to try getting fucked, even though it felt like I was being raped.  I opened my bottle of poppers and sniffed them like it was oxygen inside that bottle.  I swore I was trying to breath through that 1/2 inch opening in the top of the bottle.

It helped a little.  After a few deep breaths I began to feel slighly dizzy and my vision narrowed a little bit.  I heard his deep gravely voice again in my ear, “Good boy, do what I tell you and service my cock right.”  I replied, “Yes sir.”  He started pumping my ass, slowly at first.  I kept hitting my poppers and strangely enjoying being thoroughly violated by this masculine sexy hot fucking man.  He kept fucking.  I glanced at the clock again, it said 1:25 now.  He had been fucking me for 25 minutes.

He was getting rougher with me and the whole bed was shaking as he slammed his cock in and out of me.  This was the hardest, roughest fuck I had ever had.  I loved it.  Then it happened.  With a tremendous crash the bed protested.  The footboard fell off the end of the bed and the whole mattress fell about 6 inches.  He didn’t let me up, but he did stop.  We both laughed a little realizing that the bed had just broken.  He said, “What now?”  I said, “Well, it’s broken and your cock has not been serviced sir, keep fucking!”

He began pounding me again.  I glanced over and realized it was 1:45 now.  After a couple of minutes I felt a change in his pace.  He seemed more tense and I wondered what was happening.  He got much rougher and harder and then slammed his cock into me and stopped.  He had been quiet up to this point, but suddenly let out a loud moan as his cock pulsed and filled me with seed.

We both laid there for what seemed like forever.  Finally he slipped back and stood up.  I offered him a towel and grabbed another towel to wipe myself off.  Without a word he wiped down and got dressed.  I started to put the bed back together, he helped me out, lifting one side so we could slide the bed frame onto the footer board.  We both smiled and laughed.

Without another word he turned around and walked out the door, shutting it behind him.