I had spent about an hour sitting in the hot tub and relaxing in the pool.  I was chatting with this other Amateur Radio Operator.  It was nice to engage in casual intelligent conversation from time to time.  I looked up at the clock and realized it was 10 something.  I dried off and headed up to my room for a drink.

I was torn over leaving or getting another load.  My pussy had been thoroughly wrecked a little earlier that evening.  Always the cum-whore I decided to make a lap and see if I could get another load before I left.

I headed to the maze noting it had quieted down.  I picked one of my usual spots and stood with my ass facing out, leaning against a corner gently.  This allowed me to see all around me and gave tops a chance to see my ass and approach me.

I wasn’t there more than 5 minutes when this early 30’s black guy walked up.  He made a couple of passes by me and I wondered if he was one of these damn racist guys.  Nope, he was just shy.  He came back and stood right behind me.  He grabbed my ass and I reached back and grabbed his half-erect cock.  I asked if he wanted to fuck some ass and he replied, “yes.”  “My room or here?”, I asked.  Before he could answer I replied, I’m in room 406.  See you there.  “ok” he said.  I wasn’t sure if he was really going to come.

I walked to my room and let myself in.  I put my towel off to the side and set down my lube and poppers.  While I was wondering if he was going to show up a shadow appeared in the door.  I had left the door cracked a couple of inches.  He opened the door and looked into my dark room.  I greeted him and said “Hi there.”  He stepped in and shut the door behind himself.  I dropped down and started sucking him.  I then stood up and before I could turn around he grabbed me and pulled me into him.  We started kissing and making out which is always a bonus.  We did this for a few minutes and I could feel his cock pushing against me.  I couldn’t stand it and lubed him up and bent over in front of him.  His cock curves gently upwards, but he was pretty experienced.  He slid it in and started pumping my ass good.  After a few minutes I asked if he liked to be ridden.  He said yes and I asked if I could.  He said sure and pulled out.

I moved out of the way and let him lay down before getting on top of him.  We started making out and I was grinding against his cock.  Then I lifted myself up and he maneuvered his cock against my hole.  I eased down on to his ass noting that it burned a little.  This meant my ass was torn up real good by the previous guy, too tall.  Fortunately this guy was somewhat more conventional.  I bounced up and down on his shaft and he pumped my hole from below.  This went on for a few minutes.  It was beginning to tire me out…. so time to change positions.  I stopped and made out with him for a few minutes.  He grabbed my dick and stroked it a bit.  As a bottom I usually don’t get turned on.  But something about this guy had me going. He asked if I liked to top, to which I said sure, sometimes.  There was a twinkle in his eye, so I asked if he wanted to get fucked right now.  He said yes, so I maneuvered myself between his legs.  I grabbed some lube and lubed his hole.  Next I offered him some poppers before I hit them myself.  Then I slipped the head of my cock inside him while leaning forward to make out with him some more.

He moaned softly as I slipped in him.  I wasted no time getting all the way in him.  He had a nice tight hole and he was very sensual.  It was refreshingly good sex for the baths.   I started slowly but before long was pounding his hole.  After a few minutes of pounding his ass I slammed my cock in and unloaded in him.  Then I collapsed on top of him nuzzled against his neck.  He was caressing my shoulders and it really felt great.

After a few minutes I realized that he had precum quite a bit and I could feel his cock periodicallly throbbing against my stomach.  I knew that I still owed him my hole.

I suggested that we try me face down ass up for him to breed and he agreed.  I maneuvered into position and he slipped behind me and inside me.  He began to pump me and then stopped after a couple of minutes.  I asked if he was edging and he said yes.  I told him I wanted his load next time.  He held his cock in side me still.  After a minute or so he started pumping again.  This went on for a couple of minutes before he started to edge again.  I squeezed down on his cock with my muscular ass and begin to push back against him working his shaft.  This pushed him over the edge and he resumed pounding me until he shot his load.  I felt a good 3 squirts come out of him and deep up in my ass.  We both lay there quietly.  Me on my stomach and him on my back inside me.  His cock felt fantastic, even if I was a little bit sore.

As with all good things he slid out and stood up.  I rolled over and turned the light on a bit.  I asked what area he lived in and was pleasantly surprised it was my side of town.  He wasn’t as handsome in the light, but he was very good in bed and I didn’t give a damn.  I grabbed my phone and opened the contacts.  I asked if he wanted to get together sometime.  He said sure and I asked for his phone number.  I sent him a text and told him I looked forward to it.

I noticed his cock was still sticking straight out with a gentle curve up.  I needed to get home and eat, so I whisked him out the door despite the temptation to ride him for another load.  Hopefully I will hear from him soon.

Too Tall Fucking

Sometimes after a long day it’s nice to go to Midtowne Spa and unwind.  Monday was one of those days.  Half price rooms are a good thing and traffic was light on the way in.  I parked without any trouble and went in.  The staff is friendly and it’s like seeing an old friend most of the time when I get to the counter.  I said high to the kinky old guy who was working the desk and asked for a regular room, preferably one with hung tops.  He chuckled and asked if 406 would work?  I told him that was fine and paid my $10 and change.

I went up to my room, undressed, lubed my ass and opened up a new bottle of poppers.  I always like to pre-lube my ass before I go prowling.  It helps ensure a slippery fuck.  I decided to open a new bottle from US Pop Shop… their poppers are smooth and different from the PWD stuff I order online.  Sort of a little treat to offset the stupidity of a long workday.

I grabbed my poppers, lube, and towel, put my key around my arm and strode out the door to see what I could find.  On the way there I noticed a really tall black guy pacing in a hall but fully dressed.  It was busy for a Monday but quiet in the maze area.  There was a stocky white guy who looked like he might be kinky.  The problem with 20-somethings is you just never know if they want to fuck or still are working through their bullshit.  I decided to just pick a spot and see if he hit on me.

After a few minutes I decided it would be better for me to pick a different spot.  I like to stand with my ass out facing a wall at a corner.  This lets me keep an eye out, but leaves my ass open for passing tops to grab and show they are interested.  I jokingly think of it as setting the cookies out.  It rarely disappoints.  I had been there for under 5 minutes when too tall came by.  I knew he was walking around the glory hole booths and could tell he was prowline for ass.  When he did come around the back where I was at he predictably stopped and his hand landed on my ass.  He deftly worked his finger in my crack and found it was prelubed.  He pushed his rough finger against my hole a few times and I just relaxed.  He leaned over my shoulder and growled “105” in my ear.  I knew that this meant to meet him at his room, number 105.

If you go to a bathhouse enough, the rooms begin to take on a personality.  105 definitely had a personality.  I had gotten dicked good in that room a few times, so I was excited.  I took my time getting there and found him just opening the door when I arrived.  I followed him in without a word.  He shut the door behind me and I realized it was really dark, more so then usual in this room.

I hit my poppers, lubed my hole and set my towel and stuff on the end of the mattress.  He was getting undressed and I knew what was next.  I dropped to my knees and he put his floppy cock in my mouth.  It tasted nasty, but I kept sucking it.  Any temptation to take it out of my mouth and ask what was on it was gone when he grabbed my head and started face fucking me.  He had not said a word to me since I got here and I could tell this was going to be a good fuck.  He was probably about 8.5, average thickness, but he had it crammed down my throat.  His bushy pubes were against my face and rubbing my nose.  Some guys have a smell to them and this guy was definitely musty.  I was beginning to choke a bit, but he didn’t care, he was fucking my face working towards getting fully erect.

Just as quickly as he had started he stopped.  He pulled me up and pushed me towards the bed.  I hit my poppers hard and spread some lube on his cock.  I did manage to get two squirts of lube on his dick before he pushed me over the bed and began working his way in.  He wasn’t particularly gentle the way some guys are.  He was here to fuck and it was really obvious that he was using my hole for that purpose.

He had one big hand on my hips, his cock deep in my ass, and then he took his other hand and put it between my shoulders.  He pushed me all the way down on to the mattress.  Meanwhile he was pounding my ass and finally getting more vocal.  Mainly consisting of moans and take it boy’s. I was pinned down on the bed and able to just work myself around to where I could look back between my legs.  This afforded me the opportunity to periodically hit my poppers when he would pause.  Otherwise I was watching his legs come towards me and away from me as he proceeded to wreck my hole.

This went on for a good 20 minutes and he was tearing my ass up.  If felt like he was churning my insides with a stick!  I was still basically pinned on the bed.  He would periodically stop and his giant hands would swoop down and push my knees together, forcing my ass higher.  I finally figured out that this was more convenient for him because he was tall.  I had wedged my head against the wall to keep from being banged into the wall.  As he would push I would feel him push against me, pushing me into the wall and I could hear the other wall being pushed behind him.  For a second I wondered what others might think… and then I decided to egg him on a little bit.  Sometimes talking shit gets you a load of cum faster.

I told him he was tearing me up.  No response.  I told him to use that ass.  No response, no change.  I told him I needed a break soon.  No you don’t, came the reply.  I quietly said, yes I do.  He leaned over me and said, “No, You don’t! I’m not done with you, take it.” and with that he was holding me down and seemingly doubled up on pounding my ass.  He was shoving it in and then working his cock around like he was going to find some sort of god damn prize.  For the tops reading this I promise you don’t want the prize that this produces.  I muttered that I needed to stop soon.  He ignored me and just kept fucking.  Bang, bang bang sweep, bang bang sweep.

Finally he thrust in, moaned, and I felt his cock pulse a few times as he bred my hole and filled it with his seed.  He pulled out and stood against the wall for a second.  I grabbed my towel, poppers, and lube.  At about that moment the door opened which I knew was my queue to get the fuck out.  I wasted no time in leaving.  As I walked away the door to 107 opened revealing a very hot black guy.  He looked at me and looked me up and down.  I guess he had been watching me get fucked.  It’s possible to stand on the mattress and see over the wall into the next room.  I paused to see if he was going to invite me in, and he retreated into his room, shutting the door.

My hole was drippy and I knew that it was time to go sit in the hot tub for a few minutes.


I finally found some time to write stories.  I was shocked that 6200 people have read them so far.  Glad y’all like them.  I’ll try to find some time to write this week.  I have some more ideas in my mind on tales to tell.

Fluffy’s Torpedo

It had taken forever to get checked in.  The new clerk at Midtowne Spa was having trouble with the old computer.  When I finally got to him I could tell he was flustered, so I tried to be as nice as possible.  He issued me the key for room 501.  I locked up my wallet and my car keys and trotted up the stairs to my assigned den of iniquity.  I normally didn’t go to the bathhouse on a Friday.  It was usually too busy for me to effectively get dick.  I was bored tonight and horny, so after hours of getting knowhere on Grindr I had cleaned out and headed off to the baths.

On my way to my room I passed the normal menagerie of characters that made Midtowne unique and fun.  I saw my “friend” who liked to chat about the plight of corporate workers while waiting for a nice dick to suck.  We both worked corporate jobs and he was a nice guy to chat with.  I said “hi” to him and he said “hi” back.  Ships passing in the night, I strode to my room, anxious to get undressed and start prowling.

I reached my assigned room.  I swore every room had a different lock, this one was no different.  It took me three tries before I convinced the tired ass lock to open up and let me in the room.  Johnny had done a great job getting my room ready.  Johnny was the hardest working Latino floor guy the World had ever known.  Friendly, polite, and cleaned like a Catholic.  He always worked evenings.  I felt sorry for him, but really appreciated his hard work.  My room had a small paper bag for a trash can, a light switch, a “mattress” and a pastel sheet.  It wasn’t much, but it was enough to lay down on, relax on, and get fucked on.  It would do the trick, or hopefully tricks.  I stepped in and shut the door behind me.  I put my bag on the “table” that was built in and stripped off my shirt and sweatpants.  I tossed them on the bag and placed my phone next to my backpack.  I opened the side pocket and fished out my Uranus Wet Lube and my collection of poppers.  After briefly looking at them I picked the one that would put me in my place and took a short hit on it.  I then lubed up my ass and cock.  I grabbed my towel, put my key around my arm and picked up my lube and poppers before heading out the door.  It was time to prowl.

I headed back to the maze to see what was going on.  This maze was dark and usually had some fucking going on.  It was one of the things you could count on at Midtown.  The ceiling fan desperately needed to be ripped down.  It had long ago stopped working and was hanging at an angle, covered in dust.  A single, bare red light bulb lit the maze area with some rope lights thrown in for ambiance.  I surveyed the men.  A competing Latin bottom, a Black cock sucker, and a white power bottom were in attendance.  The obligatory not into you black guy with the 9 inch cock and the slim shady looking for head were wandering through every couple of minutes.  I decided to setup shop by standing with my cock in my hand leaning forward against the wall.  This left my ass out and kept my cock away from creepy dick grabbers.  I liked to slowly massage my cock and judge how turned on something or someone made me as I thought about the possibility they represented.

After a minute or so Fluffy appeared.  Fluffy was… well fluffy.  A big big black guy, about my height and probably double my weight.  I admired his courage in coming in here and wondered what he was into.  Certainly not my type, I was keeping myself amused by watching him.  He slid down the narrow walk way towards me, being unusually polite to the other guys.  As he approached me I could tell he was staring at my ass.  This made me mildly uncomfortable because I was being setup to have to let him down easy and encourage him to move along.  I’m into getting fucked…. and fat guys usually don’t have enough dick to interest me.  Sorry, it’s just how it is.  Kitty has needs and you needs to be able to get in kitty to meet them.

I was right, he was laser focused on my ass.  He slowed down when he got to me and stopped directly behind me.  I could kind of see him out of the corner of my eye, but I really could feel the heat coming off of him.  I realized he was probably within a foot of me and still staring intently at my ass. His big broad hand reached out and started to caress my back and shoulders.  He had a nice touch, but he had to be all of at least 350.  He was fat!  I did not want to cause a scene, so I let him continue to rub my back.  Besides, it felt good.  After a few minutes he moved closer to me.

As he moved closer I felt IT.  I gasped a little as his cock bumped my ass.  His body wasn’t touching me, but his cock was.  My hole puckered a little and my hand reached down to see what this was.  I gently placed my hand around the shaft of his cock and stroked it a bit to get a feel for his size.  Oh My God Becky!  This was a BIG cock.  It was probably 10 inches and a happy handful around.  I wondered in my mind if I could take it.  I wasn’t sure, but I was gonna fucking find out.

At about that moment I decided to move into a cubby space and bend over.  I motioned for Fluffy to follow me and he willingly did.  I quickly lubed my hole, his cock, my dick, and his cock again.  And then I hit my poppers like some asthmatic kid on an inhaler trying to save his life.  I needed to loosen my hole up, like 5 seconds ago.  Godzilla was coming!  It crossed my mind that I was about take a cock that was attached to someone I didn’t find terribly attractive.  But this was a fuck not a date and I didn’t really give a shit.  My hole was twitching and wanting to be stretched and plowed. I was standing in front of fluffy and he was standing behind me and “occupying” the entrance to the cubby.  One good thing I thought is that nobody was going to get past him.  I hated “interference” from desparate queens who would stick their hands in and try to grab the tops dick while you were getting fucked.

As I bent over Fluffy put the head of his cock against my ass and started to push.  At first my ass wasn’t having any of it.  A vision of the Panama canal locks flashed through my mind, holding back a huge ship behind massive doors.  As if on queue, Fluffy turned up the pressure and broke down the doors to my ass.  Expertly he pushed just the head in which caused my hole to tighten up and grip his cock.  He stopped and started rubbing my shoulders again which relaxed me.  This was his queue to start to pull back and then push a little deeper.  He continued this for a few minutes working his massive black meat into my stretched white hole.

The whole time I had been sniffing poppers like it was some sort of religious sacrament.  In a way it was…. .the incense of the horny bottom worshipping the big meat God. I think he was probably half way in when it happened.  He suddenly stopped being nice and it’s like someone opened the throttle.  He started pile driving my ass.  Not all at once, but it went from pull and push to thump….. thump….. thump thump… thump thump thump.  Next thing I knew I was being fully assaulted from behind.  He was slamming his cock deep in my hole and shaking my whole body.  I’m not a little guy, but I’m not fat either.  I’m 5’11” 205# and built okay.  I was being pushed around by the black meat in my ass like some sort of rag doll.  My head was periodically hitting the wall in front of me and at some point he got all the way in because I remember his balls starting to slap my ass.  He was like one of those piledriving machines you see on the construction sites just banging his pole deeper into my hole.  He showed no sign of climaxing or getting anywhere near ready to bust a nut in my hole.

No good deed goes unpunished and by this time a crowd had gathered behind him to watch him wreck my ass.  Sex in the maze is sometimes spontaneous and I could catch glimpses and hear the signs that several other cocks were getting worked nearby.  On the one hand I hoped there was a line forming, and on the other my mind was writing checks that my ass would be to worn out to cash.  I was aware of a burning sensation that was building in my ass and what I can only describe as “surf” the sensation when your guts have been churned and you aren’t sure what is about to happen next.  You just know that it won’t be something nice.  Fluffy kept right on pounding my ass like some kind of mechanical beast, periodically telling my what a nice white boy ass I had.  I did my best to mutter yes sir, and fuck my hole.  I would periodically ask if he was going to breed me, or if he was getting close.  Over the course of 20 minutes this disintegrated into alternating pleas for his seed and warnings that kitty was going to need a break.

He got rougher as time went on and finally had me pinned between his meat and the wall pumping me like some sort of invader.  Almost anti-climatically he warned me that he was about to nut in my ass and then a few strokes later I felt it.  It was like he had turned on a hose and his seed gushed into my hole filling me up and dripping out.  He pulled out almost immediately pulling some of his seed with him.  It followed his cock out and hit the floor with a loud splash.  I was a bit embarassed but it was dark and nobody could tell what it was.  He said “Thanks white boy” and walked off leaving my totally wrecked, seeded hole gasping for breath against the wall of the cubby hole.  Whatever sort of line might have formed scattered like pigeons before a cat when Fluffy’s load unceremoniously squirted partly out of my ass and hit the floor with a loud noise.  So there I was in the maze, alone, with cum running down the inside of my thighs listening to blaring dance music and trying to reconcile that a fat guy with a monster cock had just wrecked my ass.  Not one to miss a moment I decided this was my queue to exit.  I wiped my legs and ass with my towel and briskly walked off towards my room to rest and recover.

I have not seen Fluffy since he wrecked my pussy.

The recycler

Do you have any loads in?  That was the abrasive, somewhat rude question that blurted across Grindr.  I thought, who the fuck are you?  Before answering, I navigated Grindr’s awful interface to view the inquisitor’s profile.  Hmm, I thought.  Ginger and spice, how nice indeed.  27, 6’2″ 190#, red head, and green eyes.  I did not have any loads in yet, the universe was being flaky this afternoon.  So I responded honestly with “No, you want to put one in?”  Tic Toc Tic Toc no reply… oh well, another nosy Grindr flake I thought.  After I had moved on to something else my phone buzzed again.  A reply! “Get a load first, I only fuck cummy holes.”  Hmm, okay…. so I responded “Cock pic?”  This was my standard line and it was pretty equivalent to show me the fucking goods.  A minute or so later a couple of pictures appeared on my phone.  Wow, I thought, what a nice thick white cock.  How rare for Houston.  I sent a picture of my ass back and queried him, “Do you like to fuck raw?”  No sense in playing games, let’s qualify him to see if he is going to fuck or play condom games.  “yes” came back the response, followed by “Get a load and hit me up.”

Thus started a game of cat and mouse that went on for a few weeks.  The timing was always off, he was available when I wasn’t or vice versa.  Finally one day the timing lined up.  I had cleaned out that morning in hopes of getting laid.  I was not disappointed.  Around 11am my redhead hit me up, again demanding I be bred before he would fuck me.  This time I had a nearby trick interested, so I was able to broker a deal.  I’d go get a load and then come home to host redhead.  The source of the load wasn’t bad.  A 24yo black guy with a 7 inch average cock that curved slightly down.  He was a pretty aggressive fuck and always nutted quickly.  He was a bit of a freak and once in a while he had a buddy who wanted to play.  No big deal, I was using him for his load to get to the redhead today.  He didn’t have to know this.  I agreed to hook up with him and headed to his place to get a load.  He lives in this $600/mo apartment in Pasadena, TX.  It’s the kind of place that has a nice sign, but the rest of the property is a shithole.  I imagine that the leasing agent shops at TJ Maxx and Ross Dress for Less and considers those to be high end fashion.  The gate to this ‘community’ is a real work of art.  You have to punch in a four digit code to get in and it never works right for me.  As I sat their punching in codes cars lined up behind me.  Finally the latina woman behind me got out of her car and came over and told me how to put the code in.  She looked impatient with her two kids in her beat the hell up Toyota mini van.  I could tell she had been fucked at least twice from the two kids in the car.  I wondered if her husband was a good fuck or not.  As the gate finallly opened my mind snapped back to the present.  I navigated the well worn parking lot full of has been cars that told the tale of their owners who lived paycheck to paycheck.  I parked and locked my car and walked over to my trick’s apartment.  Unit #705.  He always answered the door from behind the door and today was no exception.  He was naked and erect when I walked in.  It was dark in the apartment.  We went to his bedroom which was just off the kitchen and living area.  I lubed him and my ass up and the hit my poppers.  He bent me over the bed and slid his cock in, stretching my hole a little as he entered me.  He never wasted any time and started pumping me and moaning.  I actually enjoyed the way he fucked, so I was stroking my own cock while he pumped me.  He usually hit my g-spot and made me shoot my creamy load onto the carpet and side of his bed.  Today was no exception.  I shot my load and he kept fucking.  A few minutes later he slammed his cock balls deep into me and creamed my hole.  He always pulls out a few seconds later, and then the show is over.  It’s back to normal for him and he ushers me out as quickly as he can.  As best I can tell he is some sort of security guard for a refinery or government building.  He claims to be a musician too.  His apartment is full of knicknacks and crap.  In and of itself this wouldn’t be odd, but I wonder how a 24 year old manages to decorate with this much crap.  It’s like a woman lives there, but other than the junk there is no real sign of a woman.  I wonder about this as I navigate the cramped apartment and make my way to the door.  I’m not annoyed this time and am anxious to get home and get my redhead.

As I get to the car I check Grindr to make sure we’re still on.  I have four messages from redhead.  Fuck, I was only bent over for about 10 minutes.  Four fucking messages?  grrr.  He’s sitting in my driveway and wants to know how soon I can be there.  Ugh, dammit.  I pull out of Shithole Creek Apartments and head for home.  I’m always careful in Pasadena not to speed.  The cops are hot, but they would just assume give you a ticket as spit on you.  Home is only 3 miles away, so it doesn’t take me long to navigate the school zones and wierd ass streets that run at funny angles.

I’m horned up and craving his cock as I drive, and still slightly loopy from my poppers and good pounding.  I pull into the driveway and see a shiny black car sitting in my parking spot.  I park next to him and look over, not quite sure what to expect.  Sometimes Grindr tricks are hot, and sometimes they are not.  This guy is hot.  Like Clark Kent hot, clean cut, buzzed haircut.  Scruffy.  I start to feel moist as we make eye contact.  Oh I’m really wanting this and at the same time thinking, wow, what did I do to get this guy ?

As we both get out and make small talk I unlock the gate and invite him in.  We walk past the pool and I unlock the bedroom French doors.  I draw the blinds that are built into the doors.  We both start stripping and hanging our clothes on various pieces of furniture in the bedroom.

As he undresses in front of me I see that his cock really is thick and big.  I’m guessing it’s 4.5 around and 9 long.  yum, this is going to be a great fuck I think.  I drop down on my knees and he puts it in my mouth and starts working me over.  I’m rock hard, dripping, and stroking as I suck him hard.  I keep sucking him and bobbing on his cock.  He’s running his hands through my hair and pushing my head down on his cock to where I can hardly breath.  It’s intense.  And then he pulls me up and asks if I still have a load in my ass.  Of course I reply.  He pushes me over the bed and drops down on his knees.  Before I can ask what he’s doing he is sniffing my ass.  I think wow, he’s checking.  As I start to ask him about it he sticks his tongue into my crack and starts eating me out.  He’s clearly done this before and he’s pretty good at it.  My hole instinctively opens a bit as he probes it with his tongue.  It feels like he is licking the cum out of my ass!

After a few minutes of this he stands up and puts the head of his cock against my ass.  I turn to put some lube on him and he stops me and holds me against the bed.  He says to me, “The cum from the other guy is my lube, you’ll take it like this.” With that he pushes inside me and I inhale deeply on my poppers as he stretches and invades my ass.  I’m loving every second of it.  He starts working in and out going deeper with  each thrust until he is balls deep.  At that point he shifts and starts pounding my ass for a few minutes.  We are both turned on and having hot intense sex.  As he seems to be getting close he stops and pulls out.  Without a word he lays down on the bed and moves to the center of my king size bed.  I follow him up on the bed and climb on top of him.  He maneuvers me over his cock and sits me down on it.  I begin to slowly rock up and down on his meat as he is tweaking my nipples and I’m playing with his furry red chest hair.  I lean down to kiss him and he quickly turns away, signaling that he doesn’t kiss.  Too bad I was already falling for him imagining trying to date this big dicked kinky freak.

After several minutes of riding him and nuzzling and groping each other he pushes me over and off of him.  He gets up on his knees and moves me face down and ass up in front of him.  I correctly anticipate him sliding in me, but this time he’s holding me down and really pounding my ass.  It’s good, it’s deep, and it’s big.  Wow, it’s a great piece of meat between his legs.  After a few minutes of this he pushes in and I can feel his cock pulse as he creams my hole.  He lays there for a minute or two with his cock inside me, surrounded by his seed which is deep inside my ass.  Then he slowly pulls out and climbs out of bed.

We don’t talk much.  I wipe down and offer him a clean towel.  He wipes up and starts getting dressed.  Neither of us says anything.  As he gets ready to go I thank him and suggest we should do it again.  He says he enjoyed it and we’ll see.

Fucked by the Fire Inspector

He was here.  I saw him maneuvering his government issued vehicle and backing into my driveway like he always did.  I briefly thought back thinking of how many times this guy had come over and fucked my ass and buried his seed in me.  I had first found him via a Craigslist ad.  It was titled something along the lines of “fuck and seed my ass.”  I normally got flakes off this particular posting, but this guy was not a flake.

He insisted on fucking me anonymous.  I was naked, cleaned out, and lubed up.  I would be face down on a sleeping bag in the middle of my garage waiting on him to fuck me.  What he didn’t know is that I would watch through a crack in the fabric I had hung in the garage window.  That helped me minimize my “down time” face down ass up on the garage floor waiting for his thick latin dick.  Every time was the same game.  I would watch him back in and then I would slip some more lube in my ass and get face down on the sleeping bag.  I kept my end of the deal and never directly looked at him.  He would walk in to the garage and strip down out of his uniform.  Carefully putting his uniform on a chair that I had nearby for him.  He was Latino, probably Puerto Rican or mixed Spanish/White.  He was hung with a 7.75-8 inch thick cock and he liked to fuck.  Hard, Deep, and long enough to bust a nut, but not so long as to make me bored.  It was always dick in ass, pounding until he nutted.  No talking, no kissing, and no looking at him.  Always no looking at him.  For a while he was in the routine of fucking me a couple of times a week.  I knew roughly what time and I basically had to be ready when the request came in.

He was like a freight train in some ways, silence preceding a storm of fucking, followed by silence after he left.  I quickly made my way across the garage floor.  I hated having dust on my feet, so I stopped to wipe them quickly on the towel on the floor before getting on the sleeping bag.  Dirt on the sleeping bag always found it’s way into the lube on my cock.  I love to jack off while I’m getting fucked…..

I set the lube on the cement block I used as an altar during sex.  I jokingly call it an altar.  It is always in front of me and has a bottle of lube and two bottles of poppers.  One is a primary and the other is a backup in case the primary spills.  I then quickly grabbed the primary and inhaled deeply.  I felt the poppers take hold, loosening my hole.  I always called this moment “descent,” as I descended into sex.  One breath isn’t usually enough.  So I hit the poppers two more times.  Holding the last breath deeply to ensure maximum impact.  I then assumed the position.

Seconds later the door opened and in strode my latin cock freight train.  He slipped the door quietly behind him and strode over to me.  Without a word he undressed and got on his knees behind me.  He reached over me and grabbed the lube, helping himself to a handful that he rubbed on his manhood.  He set the lube back on my altar and then swiftly maneuvered himself behind me with his cock pushing against my hole.

One thing I always appreciated is that he knew what he was doing.  He was an incredible intense fuck.  He slowly inserted himself in me in one motion bottoming out with his balls against my hole.  I took another deep breath on my poppers while he was going in.  I told myself this had to help make it easier.  He paused for a moment once he was all the way in and then pulled out 3/4 of the way.  At about 3/4 of the way out he abruptly stopped and started pounding my hole.  Bang Bang bang bang bang…. drilling it with his thick cock.  By this time his arms were mixed in with mine.  While he wasn’t into kissing on the lips he would often lick my neck and ears and nibble on my shoulders.  He continued this in what I call the fag missionary position…. ass up face down, top above me.  After about 10 minutes he would speed up a little bit and then blow his load deep inside me.  Most of the time that was it and the show was over.  He would pull out, stand up, wipe off, and get dressed.  After he got dressed he would mutter “Thanks.”  I would normally reply, “You’re welcome.”  At which point he would walk out the door, letting it slam behind him.  He would hop in his government vehicle and pull out just as quickly as he had arrived and backed in.

This general pattern went on for about a year.  I don’t remember precisely what happened, but at some point we stopped hooking up.  I remember the hookups pretty fondlly and thought it would be fun to share on my blog.  It’s been quite a bit and some of the details were changed, but the core of it did happen.

Brown Bottles in a Brown Box

Those of you who read regularly know I ordered some poppers from uspopshop.com last week.  I was really pleased when they showed up in the mail.  Now, I hate that they use fucking styrofoam peanuts which seem to go everywhere but in the trash……but the order arrived with no issues.

I can’t help but think they are new to this because they don’t bag anything…. they just toss it in the box with peanuts.  This makes it a PITA to fish the bottles out of the foam.  Sigh.

On the bright side, I ordered 10 bottles and received 13.  I always enjoy getting more than I bargained for.  I’m really fond of their 5ml bottles which are 5 for $22.  They do $6 flat rate shipping and there are no stupid labels.  The bottles are pretty easy to open and their stuff is so much nicer than everywhere else I’ve ordered from.

Fuck Me Monday

Hello Dearies,

I declared today fuck me Monday in the name of horny bottoms everywhere.  It didn’t do me much good, but I did manage to ride some cock and get a huge dripping load.  Read on for the juicy details.

So I had this awful, stupid Monday morning meeting at work today.  The kind where everyone has to drive into the office to listen to a presentation that could easily have been done via an email or teleconference.  Yip Yip Hooray.  It’s the kind of meeting that ruins your morning really…. On the bright side I find that when you move around Grindr rewards you.  It’s like there is some sort of algorithm.  A couple of cute tops hit me up, which got me to craving cock.  I wasn’t cleaned out, so morning wasn’t going to work.

I have the joy of being able to work from home often, so I got home ate lunch, and set about cleaning out and posting an ad to Flake’s List.  Flake’s List is what I call Craigslist often.  I post, I get reponses, they flake out.  One bull shit excuse or another.

I got some nice threats on Craigslist…. from latin cock and big black juicy cock….. I still wish the BBC had come through and wrecked my pussy.  He says he will…..

So I waited all afternoon trying to get some dick and keeping it clean and doing some work at the same time.  I believe this is called multi-tasking.  lol.

This evening I decided to go to Midtowne Spa.  Half price rooms and Mondays are usually somewhat kind to me.  There was actually a line to get in.  I’m not sure if it was because it was busy (it didn’t seem it) or because the new clerk who is cute as a button, was slower than molasses. As I waited in line I noticed they had a notice posted saying the water heater was out of order…. so the bathhouse has no hot water. WTF!  They claim to be working on it…. work harder bitches!  When I did get in there were a couple of adorable cute white boys with funky colored hair playing with each other and cooing over each other checking out.  What a shame.

So once I got in I made my lap and had to fend off a couple of “off” Mexicans.  They were in front of me checking in and had used passports.  In theory they could be Spanish, but I just don’t think so.  They had very accented English and were just different.  They were together, but not together.  Both of them hit on me at one point in time or another….. they were both somewhat “fluffy.”  One had a 4 inch cock and the other had a nice cock but insisted on wasting a condom.  No thanks…… condom or hole, your choice but you aren’t putting one in my ass.

I then ran into an extremely hot white guy who swore up and down he knew me… but as I told him, not well enough darling, not well enough.  I’d have jumped him in a flat second.  Meow!  He seemed to have an appetite for BBC which explains why I didn’t know him that well.  Sigh.

I went back upstairs and ran into J furry.  That’s my name for this short sexy guy I’ve played with a couple of times.  He’s shorter than me, but very passionate and a good fuck either way.  I topped him a couple of weeks ago and it was actually a good fuck.  Yes, I will fuck if I’m sufficiently turned on.  He and I played while Fluffy with the 8″ cock looked on and grew irritated with us.  J furry was clearly boinking my hole and we were having “who gives a shit what you think” sex in one of the hidey spaces.  I lubed my hole and his pole and tossed my towel and lube bottle down.  I opened the cap to my poppers and dropped the cap and took a huge breath of poppers to loosen my hole up.  J furry has an average length but a huge true mushroom head that stretches my ass good.  We went at it for a good 10 minutes before he called a truce.  He is always reluctant to cum in my ass, which is annoying, but you take the good with the bad.

So then I went downstairs to sit in the hot tub and steamroom for a few minutes.  I talked to Oh God He’s Hot in the steamroom and he invited some BBC back to his room for a blow and go.  I then sat in the hot tub and chatted with this latin guy who we’ll call “Little English” because he clearly speaks enough English to say fuck me please, but not enough to be polite.  Shrug.

On the way back up I encountered this beefy Asian/Latin looking guy wearing what looked like a nitegown.  Eyeroll!  Please, if you are going to a bathhouse at least be wearing a towel and nothing more.  Fetishwear is okay, but for crying out loud, WTF is with wearing a nightgown top?  Funny thing is about 5 minutes later he was poking Little English.  That lasted all of 3 or 4 minutes before Little English took off like a cat who’s tail had been stepped on.  Asian Dress came out of the dark space they had been in and went to walk past me.  It was a tight squeeze where I was standing and he stopped behind me and started to push his cock against my ass.  Fine with me, I don’t need to be asked twice.  I motioned over to where I could bend over and he happily followed and started fucking me.  His cock was probably 7 long but crooked.  I swear it had two bends in it like some sort of water finding stick.  He wasn’t content to fuck me with it, he had to move it around like he was trying to find something in my ass.  No wonder Little English didn’t care for it.  The whole time he is starting to pound my ass some fluffy white guy with a beard comes in and motions to him and looks at me and walks out.  Finally the 3rd time he followed Fluffy beard out like a lost dog.  Sometimes I just smile and don’t ask any questions.

I went back to my post and didn’t wait long before a black guy with a thug cock and dreadlocks came by.  He almost fucked Little English and decided to squeeze by me instead.  Like Asian Dress he stopped behind me and decided to feel my ass up.  I quickly invited him over to the public fuck space where I could bend over.  He wasted no time and before long had stuffed his 8.5″ thick cock up my ass and was stretching it good.  He was doing what I call sprint fucking where he fucks quick for a few minutes and then pauses, probably to edge.  He was fucking me hard and I started to mutter things to egg him on.  I am sometimes an aggressive bottom that will talk shit, and the voice came out and got loud enough for him to hear.  Meanwhile this other bottom was next to us hoping to get leftovers and listening to me egg this top guy on.  I was telling him, oh yea, fuck that hole….. use it.  Which escalated to rape my ass, breed my ass, use it.  After a bit he decided to roll me over and started banging me good.  He was really getting into it and so was I.  I held my legs up and let him have at it which I normally don’t do.  After about 5 minutes of this he shot a huge 2 or 3 squirt load in my ass and then just froze for a couple of minutes.  I squeezed his cock a couple of times and made him jump a little bit.  I thanked him for the load and he said no problem and told everyone else watching what a good fucking ass I had.  🙂

I made a couple of laps around the floor before returning to wait and decide if I was gonna call it a night or not.  I love walking around and feeling a big thick load in me and feeling it ooze out a little.  I ran into cock number 4 who is someone I’ve done several times but not lately.  He felt my ass and noticed it was lubey/cummy and asked if I wanted more.  I replied, Kitty is always hungry, let’s go.  He bent me over and started banging my hole.  He’s a Asian American guy with probably a 7 inch average cock.  He’s a good fuck but never cums in my ass which always annoys me.  Tonight was no exception.  He was churning Dreadfuck’s load in my ass and it was oozing out and getting sloppy.  After about 10 minutes he stopped and complained he was getting close.  I reminded him that kitty was hungry and I love getting bred and want his load.  At which point he jumped back in and started on it again.  After a couple of minutes he went soft and said he couldn’t…. and walked off.  I was afraid for a second that things had gotten shitty, they were certainly sloppy…. I did a finger check, nothing.  A finger check is where you get your finger wet and sniff to see if it’s nasty or not.  no odor or cummy is good.  shitty is time to bail.  I even did a towel check, because sometimes your nose gets fucked up after sniffing poppers hard.  Towel came clean, but it was definitely time to change it.

That pretty much summed up my night and I went home shortly thereafter.  Just one damn good load.  🙂

I Miss my gloryhole

I miss the gloryhole I used to have…. let me tell you about it.  This isn’t one of those fairy tale stories…..

So at one point I owned a piece of property with a warehouse on it.  I sometimes used to enjoy playing in my warehouse.  Usually it was on the order of anonymous, dark scenes.  I would set it up where guys would come over and the building would be blacked out.  I would be naked, lubed, and ass up.  I used to set my lube and poppers on a brick in front of me.  It almost had an altar like appearance to it.

I claimed it was anonymous, but in reality I watched them pull in so I could make sure I did not have any psycho action going on.

So one day I lamented that all the bookstore gloryholes had been shutdown in Houston.  I thought, WTF why not just build one?  So I did.  I spent about $100 on materials.  At the time it was a chunk of change to me because money was tight.  I built a roughly 4 foot square “booth” that was attached to the entrance door on the side of the warehouse.  Guys would step in and be inside the booth.  It was amazing.

The panel opposite the door had a glory hole cut in it and could be opened when action wasn’t going on.  I spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out the ideal height and finally concluded that it needed to be about 8 inches tall and 3.25 inches wide and positioned from about 30 inches to 38 inches off the ground.  It was damn near perfect.

There were some days that I managed to get 8 to 10 tricks to it.  Some guys only wanted to get sucked off, but most would want to fuck once they were hard and you could pretty easilly work lube in and then spin around and sit on the beautiful cock.  At that point it was a matter of rocking back against the glory hole and letting the top get to work banging your ass.  I had some awesome sex via that hole and in that building.  Some of the guys were amazing, clean cut, well hung studs, and others were scruffy guys with dicks and a vengance for fucking.  More on that another time.

Rough Fuck Friday

Sometimes karma will spit out a favor for you.  That happened shortly after my last rant about it being dead.

One of my regulars, J, hit me up via fuckmail from my craigslist ad.  He had deleted his Grindr account, but saw my ad and wanted my ass.  I said sure, when?  He replied 20 minutes, to which I said sure, bring it, but stay out of the neighbors driveway!  lol.  I try to keep my business my business and turning around in the neighbors driveway gets their dog, deathwish, barking like a break in is going on.

While I waited on J I had a few frantic trips to the bathroom to make sure things were hosed out.  J is latino and endowed with a thick thick cock that is about 6.5 long.  It’s probably 2.5 or so across, so it’s a hefty cock on a stocky guy who isn’t afraid to get aggressive on my hole.  I really enjoy getting bred by him, he’s furry as hell, friendly, and can fuck like he’s going to shred my hole.

He managed to get here and park without me spotting him.  I glanced up from my desk and saw him walking to the door.  I quickly jumped up and scrambled to the door.  I had put my keys in so I could quickly find them when he got here.  The door doesn’t always stay closed, so I like to lock it closed behind my trick.

We walked back to my room and I closed the blinds in the doors and he pulled his trousers down.  I could tell this was going to be a transaction, a fuck and go, bang my ass – fill it with seed – wipe off and walk out.  I lubed my hole, my cock, and his cock and then turned around with a bottle of poppers in my hand.  I reminded him to let me inhale my poppers before he started stretching my hole.  He was not in the mood to wait.  It burned going in as it stretched my ass out and reminded me I was about to get fucked hard and good.  I had been wanting this all day, so I was excited.  I told him to slow down a bit and give me a chance to loosen up. He complied.  I pointed out that it was really tight today and he agreed.  The poppers were so so, so I switched bottles and made a mental note to put that bottle in recycling.  I felt a twinge of embarassment at having hastily thrown 7 bottles of opened poppers on the bed.  I wondered for a second what kind of whore he thought I was with my collection of poppers at one side and a clean hand towel on the other side.  Then my kitty sense kicked in and I didn’t give a shit what he thought.  His thick throbbing cock was balls deep in my ass and pulsing like he was ready to rape it.

The second bottle of poppers wasn’t my friend either.  Smelled like liquid skittles.  Dammit, I had been meaning to go through the poppers and toss the old ones.  No time like the present.  lol.  Third bottle was better and what I affectionately refer to as “warm up” poppers.  Warm up poppers loosen you up, but don’t get you dizzy.

As J started to pump my hole I snorted poppers and switched into my more aggressive self.  I was bent over the edge of the bed, he was standing behind me.  I stroked myself and told him to take my ass.  Take it he did…. in a longer than usual session he started pounding it so hard I could barely manage to open the bottle in my hand, but sniffing from it was out of the question.  I’d wind up wearing it before I’d be able to coordinate sniffing from it.  I did manage to hit the bottle while he was edging here and there, trying to resist the urge to shoot his wad in my hole.  At one point during the fuck he was hitting my prostate so hard I thought I was going to piss.  I didn’t give a shit, I was enjoying his cock in my ass.

Finally he got even more aggressive and grabbed my hips as he slammed his 250# massive body against mine, concentrating all of his effort to split me wide open with his cock.  He gets off on dirty talk and taboos.  I happily complied by telling him to rape that ass and make it his.   After a couple of minutes of this I could feel him surge and blow his wad in my ass.  We both froze for what seemed like minutes, but probably was only 30 seconds or so.  His cock pulsing inside my ass, my ass twitching to suck up all of his seed.

He then squirmed and slowly worked his cock out, surely the sensation was intense for him.  And then just as quickly as it started he was done.  He looked around sheepishly and I handed him the hand towel to use.  I muttered, “here use this.” and he wiped his cock off and tossed the towel on the nightstand.  I used the towel I had laid down to wipe my ass and reflexively checked it for shit, blood, or other unpleasantries.  I noted it was just lube and not even his wad.  Sometimes my ass will eject the whole load when a big dick pulls out.  Kittty was truly hungry tonight and kept his load.

I thanked him for coming by and walked him to the door, promptly locking it behind him.