Cleanout Kit

I’m the first to admit I don’t know everything about getting clean, but here’s my routine and the tools.

First I take a couple of immodiums.  This calms my digestive system down for the evening.  Otherwise when I clean out my body sees that as an open invitation to flush more poo.  I recommend a generic like this:

Then I jump in the shower.  My showers are setup with a hose, a wand, and a diverter valve.

The hose is usually an 8 foot model that lets me squat down.  I have this one and have been very happy with it:

The douche itself is a CleanStream.  I find this one to be easy to use and keep clean.

One other tidbit that is vital is a “throttle” at the end of the hose.  It lets me regulate the volume and pressure of water.

And lastly the diverter valve: